Long’s Noodle House 小龍記麵家

I don’t live anywhere near Riley Park, but I thought maybe I should go out of my way to try out more restaurants. So I did some research and found this place. My mom is from Shanghai, but she rarely cooks Shanghainese food. I really like to eat noodle, dumplings and such from Northern China (they are so so good!). So I always like to eat at noodle places. 😛

As soon as I go in, I was greeted right away by the friendly waitress. It was only 6pm on a Wednesday night and there are only three empty tables left (one is reserved). So we were seated towards the end of the restaurant (close to the kitchen).

There were only two of us, so we couldn’t really order large dishes to share. We both ordered soup noodle and a dessert – oh and soy milk (store bought. 😦 ).

Five Spices Beef Noodle Soup – the flavour is in the beef is not in the soup. Just to clarify. 🙂 The beef is tender with really nice flavours. Noodle was good also, but maybe it could have been thicker and chewier? Don’t get wrong, it’s not bad but there is just nothing amazing about this noodle.

I ordered the Shanghainese rice cakes in soup. Normally my mom cooks the rice cakes as stir fry. I know lots of people from Shanghai eat them in soup also, so I ordered one to try. It was good, the rice cake very chewy. But I am not sure if it is store made. They look like packaged rice cakes. But soup was good with lots of veggie.

Last but not least our dessert – Osmanthus Mini Rice Balls in Sweet Rice Wine Soup (酒酿桂花小圆子).

It was good, tiny little chewy rice balls in the strong rice wine sweet soup along with light fragrance from the osmanthus flowers. It was good…. 😦

Why the sad face? Because I was enjoying everything until I found a long strand of hair in my sweet soup. 😥 I told the waitress about what I saw and she apologize (which is fine). Then she asked me what I wanted to do with the soup. I don’t know, what am I suppose to do with the soup? I just left and she didn’t try to do anything else.

I probably won’t revisit, (even though the food is good) but this place is not clean. Or I am just a baby towards hair in my food. 0_O

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