Went to try out this place before the place closes down. I have been here about an year ago for Dine Out Vancouver. Oh wait, before that I have tried their dessert and appetizer at Eat Vancouver. I heard they were closing down on Opentable so I decided to go one more time with a few girls before they close.

They are famous for their decor and live jazz. We were lucky and got the live jazz. šŸ™‚ But I have to say, it was quite loud. To a point it was almost hard to hear. Maybe we were sitting too close to the band. But regardless I enjoyed the music. šŸ˜€

Whatever you order there, they always give you mini sampler in a Chinese ceramic spoon on top of their colourful plate. I didn’t know what I was eating, but something like ham and tomatoe?

Anyways, let’s hit the important stuff!

I always love sablefish, because they are always so smooth. šŸ™‚ Citrus and Maple-cured BC Sablefish served with herb gnocchi, Pacific seaweed, winter squash, Brussels sprouts, shiitake broth. This one was very tender, but I really don’t know about all the sides that came along with it. First it was the soup/sauce? I have no idea what it is. It was very liquidity and it tasted almost like chicken broth with soy sauce. There are mushroom and bok choy, I really felt like I was eating a Chinese dish. for 28 dollars. The herb gnocchi was a little over cooked therefore very soggy. šŸ˜¦ I was so disappointed, as when I was here before for Dine Out I enjoyed all the dishes.

So I had bites from my friends’ dishes to see if I could get anything different.

This was a vegetarian pasta with mushrooms and asparagus. I have to say I like this way more than my dish. The pasta was cooked just right with asparagus puree and mushrooms on top. At least this dish I can taste all the different flavours, not so bland…

Lamb Duo – crusted rack chops, braised cheek, potato and yam gratin, globe carrots, lamb jus
I am not into lamb, so I just had took the carrot. šŸ˜› It was organic, and very sweet!! Pretty good. šŸ™‚

Of course, the meal will have to complete with dessert. šŸ™‚ We ordered the ginger apple mousse and creme brulee. The creme brulee was little on the sweet side, but everything else is good. But I really really liked the ginger apple mousse. It was ginger mousse with very very thin strips of apple on top served with ice cream and cracker. I loved the thin strips of apple. XD

Overall I was quite disappointed with O’Doul’s. I don’t know if it is because they are busy so the food quality went down. We were also very rushed because one of my friend was late and the waitress kept coming to ask me when she is coming. (With no one waiting for tables). I wasn’t impressed and left a bad ending to this restaurant.

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