Chad Thai

One day, randomly a friend decided to have dinner here. Which is a place that I live super close to and never thought to visit. So finally I paid a visit. 🙂 Of course almost at any Thai restaurant I must order Tom Yung Soup – A spicy and sour creamy soup with white mushrooms, coriander, lemongrass, red onions, kaffir limes leaves and galangal. This one was good sweet and sour and spicy (we ordered the mild), if you can eat very spicy you can definiltatey try their medium. 

Then, it’s the Gai Yung – Thai grilled chicken marinated in Thai herbs and spices, served with sweet chili sauce or spicy Thai dip. I really liked this chicken, the herbs are great with the sweet chili sauce. I loved it so much and tastes great with their jasmine rice. Nomnomnom! :p

Pad Thai with Tiger Prawns – Stir fried thin rice noodles in tamarind sauce, tofu, salted radish, egg, chives, bean sprouts and ground peanuts. Pad thai was okay, wasn’t anything amazing but at least it wasn’t stir fried with ketchup. >3< I had some pad thai before stir fried with ketchup. Was pretty gross. This one wasn’t strong enough for the flavour, I felt like something is missing. Just don’t know what it is…

Overall I liked this quiet little place with friendly services and not too too busy. And close to home, I’ll revisit again to see if they have anything new. 🙂

Chad Thai on Urbanspoon


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