Monk McQueens

When I saw a groupon for brunch, I purchased the coupon right away. Because I heard many good things about this restaurant and was excited to finally giving it a try.

First we were served with mimosas – the orange juice is fresh squeezed… and really sour.

Fresh Bacon Asparagus Salad with Russian Poached Egg (?) Anyways this salad is very filling, the bacon is very fat and juicy. Asparagus is roasted and cripsy. I especially liked the egg – crispy breaded outshell and soft runny yolk. However I would prefer it more if the outshell is not so oily. Since the asparagus and bacon already feel very oily, there isn’t enough items to balance out this oil that just stays in my mouth.

Smoked Salmon Scramble Egg with Croissant and Fresh Fruits – I have to say I never eaten scramble egg like this anywhere. Because it was really really bad. First the egg was super runny, I am not sure if it is the water from salmon but they should know how to deal with that. Croissant is flat (yes it looks flat too)  and when I ate it I felt like they left it out for a week already. And of course fruits are not fresh, pre cuts from Costco?

Ordered mussels with tomato sauce on the side. I would have to say this is decent, thought some mussels were not fresh (they cannot be cooked open). However I do like the sauce and it tasted delicious with bread, sweet and bit sour just perfect.


Overall I wasn’t impressed, because I have heard lots of good about this restaurant. But maybe I just hit a bad time? However I would not revisit if I have a choice.

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Food Truck Fest

Heard about the Food Truck Fest at Waldorf Hotel – so I went on a hot Sunday to try out trucks that normally I couldn’t (due to their operating hours is same as my work hours and I don’t work downtown).

Right away I notice this food truck, with the most people. So joining in the crowd , I lined up.
from Mama's Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Jalapeno Grilled Cheese sandwich was in special that day, so that’s what I ordered.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck – This is the longest and hottest wait for a food truck item! We waited in line for about an hour just to order and another 15 mins or so to get the order. It was a hot day and it was a horrible waiting time. Though I must say the sandwich is pretty good, despite the long line. The cheese is melted just perfectly holding all the items together in the sandwich. With a kick from the jalapeno, it was a yummy sandwich. 🙂

Unfortunately I cannot remember what I have ordered from this I Love Taco place – . Also I have never heard of this food truck (did I even get the name right? :P). [correction:]Off The Wagon is the name! 😉 Anyways, It was 2 tacos for 8 I think. So we ordered two. And I just remember one of them is spicy. XD But it was yummy. There are many taco food trucks at this party (I call it party because there is live dj that day.).

I really wanted to try Pig on the Street but because of the giant line up, I gave up. I should definitly go try it out sometime. I know they’re by Robson and Granville?

If you haven’t checked it out this Sunday is your last chance!! Go check it out before it’s over and enjoy the last bit of summer! 🙂

Siddhartha’s Indian Kitchen

Was going to visit a restaurant up the street, but it was closed due to renovation. So I noticed this very nice and new interior decor Indian restaurant. Thought I would give it a try.

It was one stuffy restaurant.. like very stuffy. It wasn’t am extremely hot day, but was quite warm. I went in and the first thing I noticed is that there is no ventilation in the building. That’s fine, I can live with that.

I saw the table next to us having a mango lassi. Then I thought, oh that would be nice since it’s so warm in here.

And the drink was also warm… is it suppose to be warm? I don’t know it feels so weird warm. Mango lassi is suppose to be a mango yogurt smoothie – I think I like my smoothies cold.

Because the whole place was so warm, we didn’t order much. To share between two people we ordered butter chicken and naan (they are to be order separately, curry is not served with naan or rice).

They are decent, the curry is the right taste though I think they are a little stingy on the chicken. I think I found 4 small pieces in this curry. Then naan can be better. But it’s alright – acceptable.

The service was great, waitress and waiter are so friendly. I sort of felt like I got tricked by the decor. XD It’s nice and pretty but the food is average for a sort of tad more price. For that kind of price I think I have lots more better options of Indian food out there. Probably will not revisit.

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Suhang Restaurant 蘇杭人家

After hearing about this restaurants numerous times from various of people and seeing line ups every time I pass by. I decided to really give it a try. So I arrived on a Saturday evening with two friends around 7:30pm, we had to wait for about 15 mins for our seats (there were also other big tables waiting but of course those are much longer wait). It’s a very tight and stuff restaurant, it was a summer day and the AC is just not strong enough. And tables are very packed right next to each other. So if you don’t like crowds, I wouldn’t suggest you go.

So we ordered a few dishes to share.

Stir fried ribs with a sweet sauce, all of these ribs have no bones (but have soft bones). All cooked to the perfect tenderness with flavour of the sauce. I really liked these ribs. They are so yummy!

Then it’s the must get stir fry Shanghai sticky rice cakes. The rice cakes were cooked just right which are soft enough but still keep the chewiness. I always like Shanghai sticky rice cakes (my mother is from Shanghai and she always tells me that these sticky rice cakes are not as easy to make as they seem). These ones also tasted extra flavorful with fermented veggie and shredded pork strips.

How can you not order these soup buns when you go to any Shanghainese restaurants? These are classic dishes that you must order and can easily tell if the restaurants’ chefs know what they are doing. These ones are good, freshly steamed with enough soup inside the dumplings. (They will always provide black vinegar but ask them for red vinegar and you won’t regret it. :))

Last we ordered these “Crab Shell” pastries for dessert. Please don’t be fooled by the name, there is no crab in this dessert. The name is only because the dessert itself looks like a crab shell. 😛 But what you want to look for is good fluffy shell (possibly seeing layers once you tear it open). And they do have it. Though I think the fillings (sweeten shredded coconuts) are just a tad bit sweet, really just a tad bit. Is acceptable if you eat with tea they provide you.

I liked the place aside from the noise from the crowds, but the staffs are friendly and food is great. Though I would probably reserve next time if I have any bigger size tables.

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Seb’s Market Cafe

Roast Garlic and Shitake Mushrooms Omelette served with homecut potatoes, toast and fresh fruits. The omelette is decent, although it is lacking a little flavour and a dash of salt or pepper did just fine. I quite like their jam (I believe it’s homemade), I can taste the freshness when having those jam on the really dry toast. Why are the toast so dry?! Having that toast made me forget about everything. Haha, they are too dry and hard.

Cranberry Pecan Sourdough Sandwich with homecut potates, turkey ham and egg. Really you can’t go wrong with cranberry and turkey, they are just made for each other. 😛 I really do like the sandwich however once again the toast is really really dry!! Like too dry, almost felt like they have left it out for a very long time and gotten really hard. 😦

They also served fresh squeezed orange juice. Which I wish were colder, and they are sweeter oranges. But they are fresh squeezed. 🙂Iced chai latte – umm this one is yummy. 🙂 It’s great on a hot summer morning.

I notice it is also a market where you can buy cookware and they do catering as well. Seb’s mainly do businesses around the neighbourhood? I see a few joggers and bikers having their breakfast there. I am not sure if I will revisit, I just couldn’t get that dry toast out of my head. But maybe I’ll grab a drink to go if I am nearby.
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Sakura Sushi

Summer is really the time for sushi. 😛 It’s hot out, so nice to eat something cold. 🙂 This place I kept going and they kept closing. Haha, and finally I went on a day that they were open so finally went in to try. This is a very small sushi place, I believe they mainly do take outs during lunch hours. Also if you visit their website, they have coupons that you can free rolls. (But you must print and bring it in, I tried to show the waitress online but she insist on me wasting paper. o.O)

So of course on a hot summer day, I ordered sashimi.

This sockeye salmon is not so sockeye haha. Maybe I was expecting something redder. But good that it wasn’t served frozen – I hate frozen sashimi with a passion.

Hamachi in Yuzu sauce – summer special. The yuzu sauce is definitely refreshing. 🙂 Hamachi was a little chewy, but still okay. Also I think the sauce is a little overwhelming. Yuzu sauce is very strong, lemon, soysauce and oil. I think they put a little too much sauce or too much lemon in their sauce, very very sour. Covered the taste of hamachi.

Spicy chopped scallop roll – woh this is spicy. Whatever hot sauce they are putting on top is pretty strong. I eat spicy but this one is almost to next level. 😛

Saba Oshi – pressed sushi with saba and a thin layer of jello(?) on top. I don’t know that clear jello-y layer is, it’s sweet but comes right off when I eat the sushi. I was hoping it’ll stay on the saba so I can eat it together. But aside from that this is really yummy.

Overall this place is decent, their prices are reasonable and good sushi. Though I felt it is a little lack of service – not rude just not attentive. I would revisit if I need a quick sushi fix in the area.

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Guu Garden Oden

Heard about Guu Garden for a while and didn’t have a chance to visit. So finally I paid a visit, it took me a while to find the place. It’s located along all the office buildings and on a 2nd floor. Pay close attention to a directory sign if you are driving, because you’ll definitely miss it.

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When it comes to izakaiyas, it’s always more fun when you go with more people so you can order more to try. So I ordered a few things just for the two of us but here are some to note.

The BANG BANG G salad this is a pretty yummy salad. Chicken strips with cucumber and jellyfish with sesame sauce. I really liked the jellyfish chicken strip combo. It gives it a great springy chew to the whole salad with a very nicely fragrant sesame sauce.

If you have been to enough Japanese restaurants, you will notice they really like using gyu (ox) tongue. This is the first time I have eaten gyu tongue in soup with rice. I really liked the soup – oh so tasty. With strong flavour from the gyu tongue and eat with a little bit of wasabi, you just need to try. (once again only if you like eating gyu tongue.)

Fresh sashimi is a must for most Japanese places, this one you can choose a platter of three types of sashimi (anything they have) to make your own sashimi platter. The special things I noticed is the seasoned salmon – fresh salmon sashimi with pepper and salt on top. I never though of eating salmon in such a way but I totally didn’t regret it. It actually tasted pretty good like that. 🙂

This is a nice place to sit out on the patio on a warm day – would work great for big groups. Will revisit with a couple more friends for sure. 😀

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Kishimoto Sushi

The first time I came here, they were having construction so this time I came back. Then I saw a line up at the restaurant, I put my name down and it was about a 20 mins wait at 6:30pm. Which is decent considering this restaurant is rated really high at various food sites.

On the Today’s Special menu, there were a list of special summer items so I picked the Dungeness crab rice noodle. Cold rice noodle in yuzu sauce with seaweed and plenty of green onion (if you don’t like green onions, you should ask them to omit it. Because this dish has a lot of onions… like a lot :P)

The crab is really fresh and tastes great with yuzu sauce (it is much like a light soy sauce with lemon so a bit sour and citrusy – really great for the summer!)

Then it’s the Kishimoto Roll – it’s chopped scallop rolled with rice and soy paper instead of seaweed. It was presented with beautiful items on the side that are all edible (except the candle :P). I was impressed by the edible presentation. I also liked the roll because I have never tried soy paper rolled sushi, and it was actually pretty good. Salmon oshi sushi – pressed sushi with salmon, mayo and jalapeno. This one is yummy, then I realize I had tried something like this from Miku before. With a little bit of spicy from the jalapeno and the creamy mayo and salmon. It’s a delicious one that you won’t forget. 🙂

Overall I liked this place, I wouldn’t imagine of having this type of sushi in the neighbourhood. But with reasonable prices and yummy sushi this is a must try and will return place.

(They do take reservation, so to avoid line up call to reserve. :D)

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Faubourg 3

It’s been a while since I have came here. Came here with a two kids and two adults on a Sunday and it was BUSY! When I was placing the order, we had to wait for seats. If you have been here you know this is a very small cafe and it is usually very busy but today was extra busy. But regardless we got our seats. (To accommodate 5 people.)

The triple chocolate tower – ” A chocolate lover’s dream! Three layers of rich fine dark, milk and white chocolate on a hazelnut sponge base, finished with a chocolate glaze.”

This is my piece of heavy. I loved the soft and fluffiness of this cake and the richness of the chocolate. If you are a chocolate fan, please try it!

Charlotte Royale – citrus jello at the bottom with wafflers and chocolate mousse.This one has a lot of texture going on and it sure is different than the other ones you can have at this cafe.

Grapefruit Tart – this is a seasonal version of the lemon tart that they have. Similar sour to the lemon and same type of foaming texture. Thought I felt like I like the lemon better because I can really taste the strong flavour of lemon.

Soon I’ll revisit for new stuff. 😉

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Between 2 Buns

Yea, you gotta admit the name caught your attention. And it did caught mine too. 😛 I would have never noticed this place unless my friend told me about it. The sign even though it’s big, doesn’t caught an eye. But once you enter into the restaurant, it looks and feel very different than their outside banner. (yea the banner didn’t look all that good :P)

All of their sandwiches have very interesting name. I ordered the ‘Jerk It’ along with a poutine.

Jerk-It is grilled chicken with coleslaw and crispy yam. I was very excited to try because my friend told me how good it is… then I got disappointed. The sandwich was really dry. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I felt that there wasn’t enough coleslaw to balance the dryness from the chicken and yam fries.

I ordered the poutine because someone wrote it’s the best poutine in town. Maybe not the best, it wasn’t bad though. But once again was really dry… not enough gravy but good think the cheese is fully melted. (I had cold cheese on poutines.) The cook was really friendly, he actually came out and gave us the order and utensils with a big smile.

I can’t see what made this place so special, I don’t know if I came at a bad time. But overall I think it’s so-so. Maybe I’ll try again when I’m around the area.

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