Between 2 Buns

Yea, you gotta admit the name caught your attention. And it did caught mine too. 😛 I would have never noticed this place unless my friend told me about it. The sign even though it’s big, doesn’t caught an eye. But once you enter into the restaurant, it looks and feel very different than their outside banner. (yea the banner didn’t look all that good :P)

All of their sandwiches have very interesting name. I ordered the ‘Jerk It’ along with a poutine.

Jerk-It is grilled chicken with coleslaw and crispy yam. I was very excited to try because my friend told me how good it is… then I got disappointed. The sandwich was really dry. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I felt that there wasn’t enough coleslaw to balance the dryness from the chicken and yam fries.

I ordered the poutine because someone wrote it’s the best poutine in town. Maybe not the best, it wasn’t bad though. But once again was really dry… not enough gravy but good think the cheese is fully melted. (I had cold cheese on poutines.) The cook was really friendly, he actually came out and gave us the order and utensils with a big smile.

I can’t see what made this place so special, I don’t know if I came at a bad time. But overall I think it’s so-so. Maybe I’ll try again when I’m around the area.

Between Two Buns on Urbanspoon


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