Faubourg 3

It’s been a while since I have came here. Came here with a two kids and two adults on a Sunday and it was BUSY! When I was placing the order, we had to wait for seats. If you have been here you know this is a very small cafe and it is usually very busy but today was extra busy. But regardless we got our seats. (To accommodate 5 people.)

The triple chocolate tower – ” A chocolate lover’s dream! Three layers of rich fine dark, milk and white chocolate on a hazelnut sponge base, finished with a chocolate glaze.”

This is my piece of heavy. I loved the soft and fluffiness of this cake and the richness of the chocolate. If you are a chocolate fan, please try it!

Charlotte Royale – citrus jello at the bottom with wafflers and chocolate mousse.This one has a lot of texture going on and it sure is different than the other ones you can have at this cafe.

Grapefruit Tart – this is a seasonal version of the lemon tart that they have. Similar sour to the lemon and same type of foaming texture. Thought I felt like I like the lemon better because I can really taste the strong flavour of lemon.

Soon I’ll revisit for new stuff. 😉

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