Kishimoto Sushi

The first time I came here, they were having construction so this time I came back. Then I saw a line up at the restaurant, I put my name down and it was about a 20 mins wait at 6:30pm. Which is decent considering this restaurant is rated really high at various food sites.

On the Today’s Special menu, there were a list of special summer items so I picked the Dungeness crab rice noodle. Cold rice noodle in yuzu sauce with seaweed and plenty of green onion (if you don’t like green onions, you should ask them to omit it. Because this dish has a lot of onions… like a lot :P)

The crab is really fresh and tastes great with yuzu sauce (it is much like a light soy sauce with lemon so a bit sour and citrusy – really great for the summer!)

Then it’s the Kishimoto Roll – it’s chopped scallop rolled with rice and soy paper instead of seaweed. It was presented with beautiful items on the side that are all edible (except the candle :P). I was impressed by the edible presentation. I also liked the roll because I have never tried soy paper rolled sushi, and it was actually pretty good. Salmon oshi sushi – pressed sushi with salmon, mayo and jalapeno. This one is yummy, then I realize I had tried something like this from Miku before. With a little bit of spicy from the jalapeno and the creamy mayo and salmon. It’s a delicious one that you won’t forget. 🙂

Overall I liked this place, I wouldn’t imagine of having this type of sushi in the neighbourhood. But with reasonable prices and yummy sushi this is a must try and will return place.

(They do take reservation, so to avoid line up call to reserve. :D)

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