Sakura Sushi

Summer is really the time for sushi. 😛 It’s hot out, so nice to eat something cold. 🙂 This place I kept going and they kept closing. Haha, and finally I went on a day that they were open so finally went in to try. This is a very small sushi place, I believe they mainly do take outs during lunch hours. Also if you visit their website, they have coupons that you can free rolls. (But you must print and bring it in, I tried to show the waitress online but she insist on me wasting paper. o.O)

So of course on a hot summer day, I ordered sashimi.

This sockeye salmon is not so sockeye haha. Maybe I was expecting something redder. But good that it wasn’t served frozen – I hate frozen sashimi with a passion.

Hamachi in Yuzu sauce – summer special. The yuzu sauce is definitely refreshing. 🙂 Hamachi was a little chewy, but still okay. Also I think the sauce is a little overwhelming. Yuzu sauce is very strong, lemon, soysauce and oil. I think they put a little too much sauce or too much lemon in their sauce, very very sour. Covered the taste of hamachi.

Spicy chopped scallop roll – woh this is spicy. Whatever hot sauce they are putting on top is pretty strong. I eat spicy but this one is almost to next level. 😛

Saba Oshi – pressed sushi with saba and a thin layer of jello(?) on top. I don’t know that clear jello-y layer is, it’s sweet but comes right off when I eat the sushi. I was hoping it’ll stay on the saba so I can eat it together. But aside from that this is really yummy.

Overall this place is decent, their prices are reasonable and good sushi. Though I felt it is a little lack of service – not rude just not attentive. I would revisit if I need a quick sushi fix in the area.

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