Seb’s Market Cafe

Roast Garlic and Shitake Mushrooms Omelette served with homecut potatoes, toast and fresh fruits. The omelette is decent, although it is lacking a little flavour and a dash of salt or pepper did just fine. I quite like their jam (I believe it’s homemade), I can taste the freshness when having those jam on the really dry toast. Why are the toast so dry?! Having that toast made me forget about everything. Haha, they are too dry and hard.

Cranberry Pecan Sourdough Sandwich with homecut potates, turkey ham and egg. Really you can’t go wrong with cranberry and turkey, they are just made for each other. 😛 I really do like the sandwich however once again the toast is really really dry!! Like too dry, almost felt like they have left it out for a very long time and gotten really hard. 😦

They also served fresh squeezed orange juice. Which I wish were colder, and they are sweeter oranges. But they are fresh squeezed. 🙂Iced chai latte – umm this one is yummy. 🙂 It’s great on a hot summer morning.

I notice it is also a market where you can buy cookware and they do catering as well. Seb’s mainly do businesses around the neighbourhood? I see a few joggers and bikers having their breakfast there. I am not sure if I will revisit, I just couldn’t get that dry toast out of my head. But maybe I’ll grab a drink to go if I am nearby.
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