Suhang Restaurant 蘇杭人家

After hearing about this restaurants numerous times from various of people and seeing line ups every time I pass by. I decided to really give it a try. So I arrived on a Saturday evening with two friends around 7:30pm, we had to wait for about 15 mins for our seats (there were also other big tables waiting but of course those are much longer wait). It’s a very tight and stuff restaurant, it was a summer day and the AC is just not strong enough. And tables are very packed right next to each other. So if you don’t like crowds, I wouldn’t suggest you go.

So we ordered a few dishes to share.

Stir fried ribs with a sweet sauce, all of these ribs have no bones (but have soft bones). All cooked to the perfect tenderness with flavour of the sauce. I really liked these ribs. They are so yummy!

Then it’s the must get stir fry Shanghai sticky rice cakes. The rice cakes were cooked just right which are soft enough but still keep the chewiness. I always like Shanghai sticky rice cakes (my mother is from Shanghai and she always tells me that these sticky rice cakes are not as easy to make as they seem). These ones also tasted extra flavorful with fermented veggie and shredded pork strips.

How can you not order these soup buns when you go to any Shanghainese restaurants? These are classic dishes that you must order and can easily tell if the restaurants’ chefs know what they are doing. These ones are good, freshly steamed with enough soup inside the dumplings. (They will always provide black vinegar but ask them for red vinegar and you won’t regret it. :))

Last we ordered these “Crab Shell” pastries for dessert. Please don’t be fooled by the name, there is no crab in this dessert. The name is only because the dessert itself looks like a crab shell. 😛 But what you want to look for is good fluffy shell (possibly seeing layers once you tear it open). And they do have it. Though I think the fillings (sweeten shredded coconuts) are just a tad bit sweet, really just a tad bit. Is acceptable if you eat with tea they provide you.

I liked the place aside from the noise from the crowds, but the staffs are friendly and food is great. Though I would probably reserve next time if I have any bigger size tables.

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