Food Truck Fest

Heard about the Food Truck Fest at Waldorf Hotel – so I went on a hot Sunday to try out trucks that normally I couldn’t (due to their operating hours is same as my work hours and I don’t work downtown).

Right away I notice this food truck, with the most people. So joining in the crowd , I lined up.
from Mama's Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Jalapeno Grilled Cheese sandwich was in special that day, so that’s what I ordered.

Mom’s Grilled Cheese Truck – This is the longest and hottest wait for a food truck item! We waited in line for about an hour just to order and another 15 mins or so to get the order. It was a hot day and it was a horrible waiting time. Though I must say the sandwich is pretty good, despite the long line. The cheese is melted just perfectly holding all the items together in the sandwich. With a kick from the jalapeno, it was a yummy sandwich. 🙂

Unfortunately I cannot remember what I have ordered from this I Love Taco place – . Also I have never heard of this food truck (did I even get the name right? :P). [correction:]Off The Wagon is the name! 😉 Anyways, It was 2 tacos for 8 I think. So we ordered two. And I just remember one of them is spicy. XD But it was yummy. There are many taco food trucks at this party (I call it party because there is live dj that day.).

I really wanted to try Pig on the Street but because of the giant line up, I gave up. I should definitly go try it out sometime. I know they’re by Robson and Granville?

If you haven’t checked it out this Sunday is your last chance!! Go check it out before it’s over and enjoy the last bit of summer! 🙂


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