Monk McQueens

When I saw a groupon for brunch, I purchased the coupon right away. Because I heard many good things about this restaurant and was excited to finally giving it a try.

First we were served with mimosas – the orange juice is fresh squeezed… and really sour.

Fresh Bacon Asparagus Salad with Russian Poached Egg (?) Anyways this salad is very filling, the bacon is very fat and juicy. Asparagus is roasted and cripsy. I especially liked the egg – crispy breaded outshell and soft runny yolk. However I would prefer it more if the outshell is not so oily. Since the asparagus and bacon already feel very oily, there isn’t enough items to balance out this oil that just stays in my mouth.

Smoked Salmon Scramble Egg with Croissant and Fresh Fruits – I have to say I never eaten scramble egg like this anywhere. Because it was really really bad. First the egg was super runny, I am not sure if it is the water from salmon but they should know how to deal with that. Croissant is flat (yes it looks flat too)  and when I ate it I felt like they left it out for a week already. And of course fruits are not fresh, pre cuts from Costco?

Ordered mussels with tomato sauce on the side. I would have to say this is decent, thought some mussels were not fresh (they cannot be cooked open). However I do like the sauce and it tasted delicious with bread, sweet and bit sour just perfect.


Overall I wasn’t impressed, because I have heard lots of good about this restaurant. But maybe I just hit a bad time? However I would not revisit if I have a choice.

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