Pâtisserie Für Elise

If you are a high tea addict like me, you will know about this high tea place that just opened this summer. Throughout the summer, I kept seeing photos of this place on Facebook. After seeing the photos, I just couldn’t resist and had to pay a visit. It’s such a beautifully princess like high tea place in a heritage home around the yaletown/downtown area.

This is the take out area, they offer take out cakes but there is no space for you sit and enjoy the cakes unless you are having afternoon tea there. (And I’ve learnt this in the hard way because I have went there once and thought I could just have cakes. Also please make reservation, because on weekends usually there is no tables free.)

Of course being a girl and a photographer I just couldn’t refrane myself from taking photos. Everything is so pretty in there! I remember my friend said it’s like a princess’ room and it is. So fancy and pink, laces and vintage. So gorgeous, the moment I got seated I just kept thinking what a beautiful place to have a bridal shower party. All the curtains and tables are perfect props for photos.

Another cute fact is that all the waitress inside are dress in pink/white Lolita clothing (if you don’t know what that means, google it :D).
Here is the review for the food. For 30 dollars you will get two hours seating with two tiers and an extra pudding and your choice of tea. I have selected a mango black tea – delicious with honey.

Prosciutto, brie and fresh basil sandwich – this is one filling sandwich. :p
Cucumber dill finger sandwich – if you like dill you’ll like this sandwich, very yummy and creamy.
Wild mushrooms quiche – mmm this is very good, though the quiche tart was a little oily but overall I quite liked this.


Chef’s choice starter – vanilla creme brulee Oh I just couldn’t resist this one, so smooth and flavourful vanilla mmm love love 🙂
Mini Sacher torte – ganache like cake, so rich and smooth
Petit Für Elise – the white piece (i think XD) this is good, tasted something liek white chocolate mousse cake with sponge cakes :9
Daisy Tartlet – this is the pink tart i believe, I actually don’t really like it. Very very sweet and tart crust not crispy enough compared to mousse like filling.
Macaron – average
Pâte de fruit – passion fruit and was nice and chewy and yummy 😉

This is a beautiful place to enjoy afternoon tea, however I do think their savouries win a little more. I will be posting an entry later just on their take out sweets. Stay tuned!

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Hart House

After my friend told me about their great lake view, I really just had to see what great lake view we get. So I went there on a Sunday evening it was still a little warm and dry therefore made it a perfect day to sit in the garden. Although half of the lake is being blocked by a temporary ceremony tent but I can still see the beautiful lake. And the lovely park/garden the patio extends out to. It is for sure a lovely place to have dinner on a warm evening.

SPAGHETTI VONGOLE – Double Smoked Bacon, Clams, White Wine, Cream
The pasta was cooked to Al Dante, just cooked but still remain some chewiness. :9 Hmm it was delicious. Bacons are fresh bacon lots of juice but could get quite oily and filling if you keep eating it. But overall this is a delicious pasta. 🙂

BRAISED PORK SHOULDER – Caramelized Apricots, Slow Cooked Fennel, Cannellini Bean Puree, Orange Apricot Glaze
The pork by itself can get quite try and tasteless, but with the caramelized apricots and glaze made this pork so much more better. It gave it the right amount of moist and brought out the flavours. They were made for each other. I couldn’t finish it because it was a lot of meat, I tossed the left overs with some pasta and it was another yummy pasta. 😉

SUMMER FRUIT TRIO – Goatcheese Cake, Raspberry Sorbet, Olive Oil Citrus Loaf
If you like goatcheese you will love the cheesecake. If you don’t please stay away from this. The goatcheesecake was super strong. Along with the raspberry sorbet toned it down a little bit. I liked this dessert trio because I get the cheesecake and the loaf which both went really well with the sorbet provided. But I couldn’t finish the cheesecake because it was really really strong (although it was such a small piece). But it is worth trying.

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Room for Cream

When I first noticed this coffee shop, I just had one thing in mind. This coffee shop is not suppose to be here right?? Haha, I can’t help but notice how this coffee shop stands out so much among the buildings in its surrounding. It is new, sleek and clean. So I decided to go in for a Sunday morning breakfast. As I entered I was greeted right away by a friendly server. After ordering, took a seat and waited for my breakfast.

Matcha latte, smooth and unsweetened just right for my tasting.

Peppercorn soup and turkey panini. Peppercorn soup is full of pepper, like a lot of it!! It was spicy, very spicy, after the first sip then it gets hotter and hotter as you drink it. I couldn’t finish the soup because it was really spicy. But it was a very flavourful soup , I liked it just couldn’t handle it much. 😛


The turkey panini was fresh pressed and was served nice and warm. (including the ham inside!) Crispy bread with soft turkey ham made this panini so delicious. It would taste perfect with some cranberry jam. 🙂

Free wi-fi is also available at this cafe, if you want a coffee shop to study. This quiet one would be a good choice!

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Osteria Napoli RistoranteI

Thank you Groupon! Without it I would have never knew that there is this hidden Italian restaurant here. There is no way I would notice this super hidden entrance, in such an area to have an traditional Italian restaurant. I entered through the back and the interior decor reminded me of Al Porto. Everything very alike, but in Vancouver/Burnaby area! 

I think also from the seats that we got, I couldn’t keep my eyes off that beautiful painting in the back. I kept thinking would I feel like I’m there if I sit right next to the painting? 😛

I have never had escargots before, this is my first time. When I was younger, knowing that these are escargots scared my little soul away. But of course as you grow older, you’ll try anything. So I am trying it! I have picked the ones baked in mushroom caps, I wish the mushroom caps would be as big as the escargots, there are so many escargots and not enough mushrooms because they were so good together. Escargots by itself had a very rich and strong flavour but very soft, tender and chewy. I couldn’t stop myself from eating them. (It was salty though, I am guessing too much salted butter. But tasted so yummy with the bread they have provided.)

Cream sauce chicken fettucini – I love fettucini because of the chewiness of the fat noodle. I can never resist cream sauce, they are always need to get at any pasta houses. The pasta needs a little bit more flavouring, the sauce is simply not getting into the pasta. (That is also because fettucini are quite thick.) However the cream sauce was cooked nicely smooth and the chicken had been grilled.

Oh I just love this one, mushroom with tomato sauce and bits of Italian sausages. Especially after fresh grinded pepper adds a totally different kick to it. (But seriously I cannot live without spices.) The nice fungi aroma was brought out by the tomato sauce and with the rich salty flavour from Italian sausage, this dish was delicious.

But portions were very large in this restaurant and after having some bread and escargots I cannot finish (or it looks more like I barely ate it) my pasta. Had it to go and was able to split it into two small lunches. 🙂

Will revisit this neighborhood gem again!

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Acme Cafe – Pie

This one is a quick post, after dinner at another restaurant I wanted to dessert but nothing intrigue me at the restaurant so I came here for a slice of pie. It was late not lots of options left, but I spotted this and got it to go!

I also got a discount because it was ‘smaller than usual’ says the cashier. Couldn’t be happier with a slice of banana cream pie for breakfast and a discount. 😛

Even left overnight the pie is still good, nice creamy buttery banana filling with buttercream(?) on top. Pie crust was still good and did not go soggy. No wonder my girlfriend recommends their pies to me, because they are slices of happiness. 😀

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Save On Meats Diner

I noticed this place because of its crazy neon signs. In Vancouver, restaurants that still uses neon signs to get attention is being more scarce. When I spotted the neon signs, I thought it was a butcher shop. Then I realize I am right, there is a butcher shop and the diner right next to it. Seeing the full house every time passing by, I told myself to give it a try.

When I entered, I notice everything looks and feel like an old vintage diner. The decor is screaming vintage and I loved every bit of it. (I am basis because I wanted a kitchen that looks vintage :P) Though I don’t know looking vintage and feeling dirty is supposed to be portrayed simultaneously. The chair that I was sitting on (didn’t get to sit on booths) was broken (plastic ripped wide open). The menu that I was looking at were sticky – like literally… and a smell of old syrup. I’m guessing someone spilled syrup on it but no one bother to clean it – it was sticky to touch, I’m sure someone noticed.

Anyways, so after I order I had to run to the washroom and wash my hands free of syrup. The food arrived a little bit slow, the pot pie was steaming hot where as the openface sandwich is cold. Maybe cause it was waiting for the potpie (though I would think they should know how to control that well.)

The pot pie like I said came out steaming hot, with very finely mashed potato on the side. The smoked turkey is very yummy, the pot pie is also very satisfying (considering the size, it was small – about 2.5″ in diameter). I could barely finish it. But I like the smokey turkey, it was so nicely smoked. It tasted so yummy with steam 😛


Open face roast chicken sandwich with lots of gravy (but still not enough!) because the chicken and the fries are very dry. Especially the chicken, so we could totally do a little more gravy. Though it already looks overflowing the moment it came out. I believe that this would taste very delicious if it’s hot so the gravy would be more liquify to spread.

I am not sure if I’ll revisit consider the cleanliness of the diner. I don’t think a diner has to be dirty, and I just cannot deal with dirty restaurants. (I know they cannot be perfectly clean, but at least don’t let me see it. 😦 )

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Soirette Afternoon Tea

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I have been here for their macarons and in my personal opinion I like their macarons the best. Not overly sweet, see my other post for review of their macarons. My girlfriend told me about them having afternoon tea service starting this summer, so I had to give it a try!!

Of course they are known for their clean and chic decor with a sunny day really makes the perfect place to have afternoon tea. We had 7 girls and it was a small store – therefore we took over the whole store. 😛 Their afternoon tea is 1.5 hour seating (which is half an hour shorter than most afternoon tea places).

You get a choice of tea and macaron with each afternoon tea service. View their menu here. Because of the limited time seating, I couldn’t finish my afternoon tea. (Plus a few late friends we really only had 45mins or so.)

I have selected Empress for tea and Earl Grey macaron. Empress is a yummy black tea with mango and peach blend. Oh it’s so yummy. 😛 Earl grey macaron looks and tastes like anything earl grey but the chocolate ganache inside was truly a treat. Mmm for chocolate. 😛 Maybe I should have had it first before sipping on my tea??

So here’s what I have tried and stood out to me:

Salmon Dill Quiche – The crust is good, fluffy pastry. The salmon also worked well with dill and the creamy filling.

Hazelnut cream puff – this cream puff was filled with hazelnut cream. IF you like hazelnut you’ll like this one. I was surprised by the hazelnut filling, however I think they could have done better for the pastry part of this puff.

Citrus grilled cheese sandwich (I think??) Essentially this is blueberries with cream cheese cream sandwiched between two slices of pound cakes. (They taste like pound cakes to me, but menu says sandwich.) The ‘sandwich’ was like a heavy butter pound cake texture. I was sort of confused if I was eating a sandwich or just cake-sandwich.

If you want longer afternoon tea seating you shouldn’t come here. I would suggest ordering their items and sit outside of their shop (there are chairs in front). So you have lots of time to enjoy the goods and your chat. I also notice that they are starting to sell some other desserts aside from macarons, will need to try those! It’s close to Canada Place, you can always order to go and enjoy it at Canada Place area if you don’t like to be rushed.

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My friends kept telling me about this place so I went. Ohh.. This was originally DOT cafe. My brother’s friend owned the place. I remember he told me that she sold it to her friend. So vola they reopened with a different name but selling similar things – parfait.

We ordered the matcha red bean parfait. With really nice real chewy mochi. (I don’t like the ones you get from frozen yogurts :()

Everything works nicely together. I would have to say the quality is still quite similar to DOT. Overall I like what they did to the place. Not much just a few things and all these very cute illustration cats.

I also notice that they have just started to sell pasta also. I’ll revisit if a friend invites me. Otherwise no… their parfaits are good but it’s quite a travel for me for parfaits.

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YVR Fairmont Afternoon Tea

I got a voucher for an afternoon tea service. I had been to one located inside Fairmont in Downtown and thought I would give this one a try. I personally had never been to the YVR Fairmont, so this is my first time. I loved the entrance to the restaurant, I just needed to state how beautiful the entrance lights are hung. Should check it out if you are ever going to be at the airport.

They do have a wide variety of tea to choose from. Or I am just very used to high tea places that offer over 30 types of tea. 😛 Since their selection is limited and very basic, I have tried the same type of tea elsewhere. So I just picked a berry tea. They taste very yummy with milk and honey. :9

After selecting our tea, we were served with fresh berries in syrup.

Though they really taste like berries in syrup that has been in the fridge for a while. Not the type of fresh I was expecting. (I was expecting fresh cut berries when we were seated. :P)

Here is our set, from top to bottom (sweet, scones and savories).

Sweet tier includes Vanilla Cream Puff, Lemon Tart, Hazelnut Chocolate Tart and Cheesecake. Every piece of sweet is a little above average, but I wouldn’t say amazing. However I must say I was afraid the cream puff to be a Costco cream puff, good it wasn’t. Very creamy vanilla filling with good pastry. I like this one. 🙂

Middle Tier – Cranberry Lemon Scones comes with whipped butter (nice thick creamy texture) and strawberry jam. I liked the butter and the scones are very fluffy (to my surprise) Wasn’t overly sweet. I quite liked it. Though I wish it was a little bit more lemony. 🙂

Savory Tier: Egg Salad Croissant Sandwich, Curry Chicken Openface Toast, Smoked Salmon Sandwich. I don’t know if it is because I already had these at the Fairmont downtown and other high tea places. This tier is nothing special to me. However the egg salad croissant sandwich is very crispy.

Overall, their tea set is a little above average and I’m sure it’ll be really nice if you sit right next to the window and watch planes take off. However I highly doubt I’ll go for afternoon tea service here again due to parking and nothing really stood out to me. There are a lot more places for high tea in Vancouver.

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