YVR Fairmont Afternoon Tea

I got a voucher for an afternoon tea service. I had been to one located inside Fairmont in Downtown and thought I would give this one a try. I personally had never been to the YVR Fairmont, so this is my first time. I loved the entrance to the restaurant, I just needed to state how beautiful the entrance lights are hung. Should check it out if you are ever going to be at the airport.

They do have a wide variety of tea to choose from. Or I am just very used to high tea places that offer over 30 types of tea. 😛 Since their selection is limited and very basic, I have tried the same type of tea elsewhere. So I just picked a berry tea. They taste very yummy with milk and honey. :9

After selecting our tea, we were served with fresh berries in syrup.

Though they really taste like berries in syrup that has been in the fridge for a while. Not the type of fresh I was expecting. (I was expecting fresh cut berries when we were seated. :P)

Here is our set, from top to bottom (sweet, scones and savories).

Sweet tier includes Vanilla Cream Puff, Lemon Tart, Hazelnut Chocolate Tart and Cheesecake. Every piece of sweet is a little above average, but I wouldn’t say amazing. However I must say I was afraid the cream puff to be a Costco cream puff, good it wasn’t. Very creamy vanilla filling with good pastry. I like this one. 🙂

Middle Tier – Cranberry Lemon Scones comes with whipped butter (nice thick creamy texture) and strawberry jam. I liked the butter and the scones are very fluffy (to my surprise) Wasn’t overly sweet. I quite liked it. Though I wish it was a little bit more lemony. 🙂

Savory Tier: Egg Salad Croissant Sandwich, Curry Chicken Openface Toast, Smoked Salmon Sandwich. I don’t know if it is because I already had these at the Fairmont downtown and other high tea places. This tier is nothing special to me. However the egg salad croissant sandwich is very crispy.

Overall, their tea set is a little above average and I’m sure it’ll be really nice if you sit right next to the window and watch planes take off. However I highly doubt I’ll go for afternoon tea service here again due to parking and nothing really stood out to me. There are a lot more places for high tea in Vancouver.

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