Soirette Afternoon Tea

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I have been here for their macarons and in my personal opinion I like their macarons the best. Not overly sweet, see my other post for review of their macarons. My girlfriend told me about them having afternoon tea service starting this summer, so I had to give it a try!!

Of course they are known for their clean and chic decor with a sunny day really makes the perfect place to have afternoon tea. We had 7 girls and it was a small store – therefore we took over the whole store. 😛 Their afternoon tea is 1.5 hour seating (which is half an hour shorter than most afternoon tea places).

You get a choice of tea and macaron with each afternoon tea service. View their menu here. Because of the limited time seating, I couldn’t finish my afternoon tea. (Plus a few late friends we really only had 45mins or so.)

I have selected Empress for tea and Earl Grey macaron. Empress is a yummy black tea with mango and peach blend. Oh it’s so yummy. 😛 Earl grey macaron looks and tastes like anything earl grey but the chocolate ganache inside was truly a treat. Mmm for chocolate. 😛 Maybe I should have had it first before sipping on my tea??

So here’s what I have tried and stood out to me:

Salmon Dill Quiche – The crust is good, fluffy pastry. The salmon also worked well with dill and the creamy filling.

Hazelnut cream puff – this cream puff was filled with hazelnut cream. IF you like hazelnut you’ll like this one. I was surprised by the hazelnut filling, however I think they could have done better for the pastry part of this puff.

Citrus grilled cheese sandwich (I think??) Essentially this is blueberries with cream cheese cream sandwiched between two slices of pound cakes. (They taste like pound cakes to me, but menu says sandwich.) The ‘sandwich’ was like a heavy butter pound cake texture. I was sort of confused if I was eating a sandwich or just cake-sandwich.

If you want longer afternoon tea seating you shouldn’t come here. I would suggest ordering their items and sit outside of their shop (there are chairs in front). So you have lots of time to enjoy the goods and your chat. I also notice that they are starting to sell some other desserts aside from macarons, will need to try those! It’s close to Canada Place, you can always order to go and enjoy it at Canada Place area if you don’t like to be rushed.

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