Save On Meats Diner

I noticed this place because of its crazy neon signs. In Vancouver, restaurants that still uses neon signs to get attention is being more scarce. When I spotted the neon signs, I thought it was a butcher shop. Then I realize I am right, there is a butcher shop and the diner right next to it. Seeing the full house every time passing by, I told myself to give it a try.

When I entered, I notice everything looks and feel like an old vintage diner. The decor is screaming vintage and I loved every bit of it. (I am basis because I wanted a kitchen that looks vintage :P) Though I don’t know looking vintage and feeling dirty is supposed to be portrayed simultaneously. The chair that I was sitting on (didn’t get to sit on booths) was broken (plastic ripped wide open). The menu that I was looking at were sticky – like literally… and a smell of old syrup. I’m guessing someone spilled syrup on it but no one bother to clean it – it was sticky to touch, I’m sure someone noticed.

Anyways, so after I order I had to run to the washroom and wash my hands free of syrup. The food arrived a little bit slow, the pot pie was steaming hot where as the openface sandwich is cold. Maybe cause it was waiting for the potpie (though I would think they should know how to control that well.)

The pot pie like I said came out steaming hot, with very finely mashed potato on the side. The smoked turkey is very yummy, the pot pie is also very satisfying (considering the size, it was small – about 2.5″ in diameter). I could barely finish it. But I like the smokey turkey, it was so nicely smoked. It tasted so yummy with steam 😛


Open face roast chicken sandwich with lots of gravy (but still not enough!) because the chicken and the fries are very dry. Especially the chicken, so we could totally do a little more gravy. Though it already looks overflowing the moment it came out. I believe that this would taste very delicious if it’s hot so the gravy would be more liquify to spread.

I am not sure if I’ll revisit consider the cleanliness of the diner. I don’t think a diner has to be dirty, and I just cannot deal with dirty restaurants. (I know they cannot be perfectly clean, but at least don’t let me see it. 😦 )

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