Room for Cream

When I first noticed this coffee shop, I just had one thing in mind. This coffee shop is not suppose to be here right?? Haha, I can’t help but notice how this coffee shop stands out so much among the buildings in its surrounding. It is new, sleek and clean. So I decided to go in for a Sunday morning breakfast. As I entered I was greeted right away by a friendly server. After ordering, took a seat and waited for my breakfast.

Matcha latte, smooth and unsweetened just right for my tasting.

Peppercorn soup and turkey panini. Peppercorn soup is full of pepper, like a lot of it!! It was spicy, very spicy, after the first sip then it gets hotter and hotter as you drink it. I couldn’t finish the soup because it was really spicy. But it was a very flavourful soup , I liked it just couldn’t handle it much. 😛


The turkey panini was fresh pressed and was served nice and warm. (including the ham inside!) Crispy bread with soft turkey ham made this panini so delicious. It would taste perfect with some cranberry jam. 🙂

Free wi-fi is also available at this cafe, if you want a coffee shop to study. This quiet one would be a good choice!

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