Hart House

After my friend told me about their great lake view, I really just had to see what great lake view we get. So I went there on a Sunday evening it was still a little warm and dry therefore made it a perfect day to sit in the garden. Although half of the lake is being blocked by a temporary ceremony tent but I can still see the beautiful lake. And the lovely park/garden the patio extends out to. It is for sure a lovely place to have dinner on a warm evening.

SPAGHETTI VONGOLE – Double Smoked Bacon, Clams, White Wine, Cream
The pasta was cooked to Al Dante, just cooked but still remain some chewiness. :9 Hmm it was delicious. Bacons are fresh bacon lots of juice but could get quite oily and filling if you keep eating it. But overall this is a delicious pasta. 🙂

BRAISED PORK SHOULDER – Caramelized Apricots, Slow Cooked Fennel, Cannellini Bean Puree, Orange Apricot Glaze
The pork by itself can get quite try and tasteless, but with the caramelized apricots and glaze made this pork so much more better. It gave it the right amount of moist and brought out the flavours. They were made for each other. I couldn’t finish it because it was a lot of meat, I tossed the left overs with some pasta and it was another yummy pasta. 😉

SUMMER FRUIT TRIO – Goatcheese Cake, Raspberry Sorbet, Olive Oil Citrus Loaf
If you like goatcheese you will love the cheesecake. If you don’t please stay away from this. The goatcheesecake was super strong. Along with the raspberry sorbet toned it down a little bit. I liked this dessert trio because I get the cheesecake and the loaf which both went really well with the sorbet provided. But I couldn’t finish the cheesecake because it was really really strong (although it was such a small piece). But it is worth trying.

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