Pâtisserie Für Elise

If you are a high tea addict like me, you will know about this high tea place that just opened this summer. Throughout the summer, I kept seeing photos of this place on Facebook. After seeing the photos, I just couldn’t resist and had to pay a visit. It’s such a beautifully princess like high tea place in a heritage home around the yaletown/downtown area.

This is the take out area, they offer take out cakes but there is no space for you sit and enjoy the cakes unless you are having afternoon tea there. (And I’ve learnt this in the hard way because I have went there once and thought I could just have cakes. Also please make reservation, because on weekends usually there is no tables free.)

Of course being a girl and a photographer I just couldn’t refrane myself from taking photos. Everything is so pretty in there! I remember my friend said it’s like a princess’ room and it is. So fancy and pink, laces and vintage. So gorgeous, the moment I got seated I just kept thinking what a beautiful place to have a bridal shower party. All the curtains and tables are perfect props for photos.

Another cute fact is that all the waitress inside are dress in pink/white Lolita clothing (if you don’t know what that means, google it :D).
Here is the review for the food. For 30 dollars you will get two hours seating with two tiers and an extra pudding and your choice of tea. I have selected a mango black tea – delicious with honey.

Prosciutto, brie and fresh basil sandwich – this is one filling sandwich. :p
Cucumber dill finger sandwich – if you like dill you’ll like this sandwich, very yummy and creamy.
Wild mushrooms quiche – mmm this is very good, though the quiche tart was a little oily but overall I quite liked this.


Chef’s choice starter – vanilla creme brulee Oh I just couldn’t resist this one, so smooth and flavourful vanilla mmm love love 🙂
Mini Sacher torte – ganache like cake, so rich and smooth
Petit Für Elise – the white piece (i think XD) this is good, tasted something liek white chocolate mousse cake with sponge cakes :9
Daisy Tartlet – this is the pink tart i believe, I actually don’t really like it. Very very sweet and tart crust not crispy enough compared to mousse like filling.
Macaron – average
Pâte de fruit – passion fruit and was nice and chewy and yummy 😉

This is a beautiful place to enjoy afternoon tea, however I do think their savouries win a little more. I will be posting an entry later just on their take out sweets. Stay tuned!

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