Caffè Cittadella

My friend recommended this coffee shop to me. Once I arrived at this coffee shop, I realized right away it is inside a heritage house. I really love these heritage house cafes, they are so adorable and full of vintage aroma. 😛

This is a very small cafe that is two stories, on this rainy day this cafe is almost full. They also sell baked goods, similar to Starbucks and other tea drinks.After you order your drink, all you need to do it grab a seat to your liking and the staff will bring your items to you. So after ordering my decaf latte I quickly grab a seat upstairs, I was happy with my beautiful latte arts and the smooth latte. All drinks came with a piece of dark chocolate also. :9

This cafe is such a nice environment and decor for a relaxing afternoon with your book/work. I would definitely revisit with a few friends and chat over coffee. 🙂

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This little dessert place not very noticeable but I didn’t regret going in. It was a very quite cafe that serves herb tea, bubble tea, and sweet soup dessert. It is rare to find a sweet soup dessert place in Vancouver. Only two girls work there, which I believe are also the store owner.

We ordered the red bean sweet soup with taro. I was impressed and pleased. With the price I pay I get this decent size sweet soup with lots of fresh taro. Wasn’t overily sweet, but I truly enjoyed it.

The other item we ordered is grass jelly with fresh mango topped with evaporated milk. Mangoes are sweet and fresh. Again decent portion.

I like this place, they also open late for late night cravings.


Will revisit!
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Edible Canada at the Market

I noticed this place about two/three months ago when I was visiting Granville Island. When I entered through I just couldn’t help but fall in love with the decor and the opened spaces. It was a chilly morning even though it’s sunny, so we decided to stay inside instead. After we placed our order it took about 20mins to get our food. 20mins is way too long for this type of breakfast. So we checked with our waitress and she said they are plating it. Yes I saw our plate for about 5-7 mins on the counter and no one picked it up and gave it to us. Mind you there are only around 7 tables seated. Finally we got our luke warm breakfast…

This is the Edible Canada Breakfast includes scrambled free range eggs, Sloping Hills pork & apple sausage, double smoked bacon, smoked tomatoes, crispy duck fat fried hashbrowns, fresh herbs for $12. Okay, first is scrambled eggs suppose to be runny? This tasted like breakfast meeting running eggs are work and is not acceptable to see here. Then it’s the bacon, it was so burnt that the moment I poked it wirh my fork it shatters (like literally) into pieces. I couldn’t eat it unless I use my hand to pick it up. The only thing I liked here are the hashbrowns/(fries). It smelled really good and I am guessing it’s the duct fat, and filled me up very quickly. But I really like the aroma it was giving off.

Wild Mushroom Benny – spinach, thyme, Sea to Sky mushroom salt, citrus hollandaise $11

Okay this was good, the mushrooms were cooked just right with a bit of balsamic vingear brought out the flavours of the mushrooms. Soft bread and spinach cooked throughly to almost a sauce, I enjoyed this benny very much.

I ordered toast on the side. Okay, I wasn’t aware that toast wasn’t included with the breakfast. The waitress asked ‘would you like toast on the side?’. I thought it was included, because she didn’t say ‘would you like toast on the side for an extra 4 dollars?’ I am not trying to be cheap but the toast that I was eating seriously is not worth the 4 dollars, it was very hard and dry. But I just think it would be nice to let your customer know that the side you are offering is how much.

The friend I was enjoying this brunch had banned the restaurant himself. He wouldn’t revisit. I think I would be okay if someone suggested it. (But maybe try out dinner/lunch.) But I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone myself.

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Hi Genki

I used to volunteer at the home next door (Nikkei Home Centre), so I knew about this restaurant long long time ago. And I used to revisit quite often when I worked in the area. But I haven’t been there for a while so I thought I would pay a visit. Decor didn’t change a bit, and the servers seems to be the same Japanese ladies all year round. But the only thing is that they are not as friendly as before and food quality had gone down. I ordered the curry katsu don. Oh my the whole thing is so dry. I cook Japanese curry at home too, and mine has a little bit more water in it. So it would be easy to stir in with the rice. Katsu is deep fried port cutlet, so I need the moist from the curry to balance out the dryness of this dish. But it just simply didn’t do it for me. However the katsu is fried very nicely, even and wasn’t overly oily. It was quite disappointing because I used to love this place. 😦

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CC Violin Patisserie & Café

After a visit at the famous pie shop, I am hungry for some sweets. (This was one sweet Sunday morning. :P) Then I noticed this place, and their display case full of cakes.

Then my eyes stopped right at this Green Apple, it’s so cute! I couldn’t resist looking at it, I kept looking at other items but my eyes always ended up here at the bright green apple. So I just had to order it. 😛
I think I kept my hopes up a little too high, seeing how beautiful this cake looks. Because the shape of the apple is made from white chocolate and the mousse inside is very very soft, the moment I put my fork on it with pressure, the apple slide apart in half. Then I tried to break it slowly with my fork, wasn’t very successful. It was all over the place. And before I knew it, it was too late. But aside from that, the mousse inside is nice and soft with caramel sauce. However I would enjoy it so much more if it wasn’t that sweet. The whole thing was overly sweet that I just couldn’t keep eating it. I had to leave half of my cake on the plate! 😮

Aside from the sweet, I had to eat something savoury. So I ordered this horseradish turkey ham and jack cheese open face sandwich. Oh it was so yummy!! Very strong horseradish and tasted great with jack cheese. However it was also very filling very quickly. But boy do I like this sandwich.

And being a super sweet tooth, I had to order this pistachio mousse to go and enjoy this on my sunny glass house. 😛
I picked this because I think it won’t be too sweet, but it was still quite sweet. However it was really nice texture and tiny bits of chewy pistachio and its fragrant. I enjoyed this also. 🙂

I had to buy this. Because they were offering samples, I tried a passion fruit (yellow). And I just fell in love instantly. The flavour and fragrant was bursting. Like seriously, I enjoyed every bit of this super soft passion fruit fragrant marshmallow. The cherry (pink) wasn’t as fragrant, but I enjoyed it also. But I LOVE the passion fruit one. I miss it already.

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Choi’s 蔡家驰名盐焗鸡 – Empire Plaza 帝國中心

You probably won’t know or notice this place unless you know someone who does (like me) or works in this plaza and no one ever visit. 😛 Anyways this Choi’s specializes in chicken dishes and their most famous one is the this one:

Salt Baked Hand Shred Chicken on Rice

So basically how this is made (I am guessing) is that the chicken was baked with salt only and then shredding into strips by hands. Why by hands it’s because it doesn’t destroy the texture of the meat like cutting it.

It is delicious, I have eaten similar items elsewhere and it’s nothing like this one. I just couldn’t resist the tenderness of the chicken with cabbage on the rice and drizzled with sweet soy sauce. My mouth is watering just writing this. :9

It is definitely a must try!!

Zefferelli’s Spaghetti Joint

Spaghetti e Polpette – veal and ricotta meatballs braised with tomatoe and red wine. I usually don’t order spaghetti and meatballs. Because I just think it’s such a simple pasta to make, but out of the blue I decided to give this one a try because the veal meatball got me – and in read wine? Perfect. 🙂 And it was good meatballs, very nice and tender with a nice flavour. Delicious.

Linguini Putanesca – prawns, olives & capers with a spicy tomato sauce. I tried this from my friend next to me and I have to say I really liked it. Spicy and very flavourful tomato sauce. I think I’ll order this or recommend this dish to others next time I visit.

Spaghetti con Vongole – clams, garlic, white wine & olive oil. This is a classic pasta at all pasta joints almost like carbonnara (I remember once someone told me, if you want to see if the pasta joint is good – you need to try their carbonnara.) So because it’s so simple and so classic, you need to go be good at it. And this one was good, though it wasn’t amazing but it was good. All the flavour just right. But I just couldn’t get my mind off Putanesca.

Tiramisu – this was one large tiramisu (although there are five of us girls) we could barely finish this ONE dessert. 😛 I think we were all really full after our pastas. (Though some of us only ordered half orders.)

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