CC Violin Patisserie & Café

After a visit at the famous pie shop, I am hungry for some sweets. (This was one sweet Sunday morning. :P) Then I noticed this place, and their display case full of cakes.

Then my eyes stopped right at this Green Apple, it’s so cute! I couldn’t resist looking at it, I kept looking at other items but my eyes always ended up here at the bright green apple. So I just had to order it. 😛
I think I kept my hopes up a little too high, seeing how beautiful this cake looks. Because the shape of the apple is made from white chocolate and the mousse inside is very very soft, the moment I put my fork on it with pressure, the apple slide apart in half. Then I tried to break it slowly with my fork, wasn’t very successful. It was all over the place. And before I knew it, it was too late. But aside from that, the mousse inside is nice and soft with caramel sauce. However I would enjoy it so much more if it wasn’t that sweet. The whole thing was overly sweet that I just couldn’t keep eating it. I had to leave half of my cake on the plate! 😮

Aside from the sweet, I had to eat something savoury. So I ordered this horseradish turkey ham and jack cheese open face sandwich. Oh it was so yummy!! Very strong horseradish and tasted great with jack cheese. However it was also very filling very quickly. But boy do I like this sandwich.

And being a super sweet tooth, I had to order this pistachio mousse to go and enjoy this on my sunny glass house. 😛
I picked this because I think it won’t be too sweet, but it was still quite sweet. However it was really nice texture and tiny bits of chewy pistachio and its fragrant. I enjoyed this also. 🙂

I had to buy this. Because they were offering samples, I tried a passion fruit (yellow). And I just fell in love instantly. The flavour and fragrant was bursting. Like seriously, I enjoyed every bit of this super soft passion fruit fragrant marshmallow. The cherry (pink) wasn’t as fragrant, but I enjoyed it also. But I LOVE the passion fruit one. I miss it already.

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