Hi Genki

I used to volunteer at the home next door (Nikkei Home Centre), so I knew about this restaurant long long time ago. And I used to revisit quite often when I worked in the area. But I haven’t been there for a while so I thought I would pay a visit. Decor didn’t change a bit, and the servers seems to be the same Japanese ladies all year round. But the only thing is that they are not as friendly as before and food quality had gone down. I ordered the curry katsu don. Oh my the whole thing is so dry. I cook Japanese curry at home too, and mine has a little bit more water in it. So it would be easy to stir in with the rice. Katsu is deep fried port cutlet, so I need the moist from the curry to balance out the dryness of this dish. But it just simply didn’t do it for me. However the katsu is fried very nicely, even and wasn’t overly oily. It was quite disappointing because I used to love this place. 😦

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