Edible Canada at the Market

I noticed this place about two/three months ago when I was visiting Granville Island. When I entered through I just couldn’t help but fall in love with the decor and the opened spaces. It was a chilly morning even though it’s sunny, so we decided to stay inside instead. After we placed our order it took about 20mins to get our food. 20mins is way too long for this type of breakfast. So we checked with our waitress and she said they are plating it. Yes I saw our plate for about 5-7 mins on the counter and no one picked it up and gave it to us. Mind you there are only around 7 tables seated. Finally we got our luke warm breakfast…

This is the Edible Canada Breakfast includes scrambled free range eggs, Sloping Hills pork & apple sausage, double smoked bacon, smoked tomatoes, crispy duck fat fried hashbrowns, fresh herbs for $12. Okay, first is scrambled eggs suppose to be runny? This tasted like breakfast meeting running eggs are work and is not acceptable to see here. Then it’s the bacon, it was so burnt that the moment I poked it wirh my fork it shatters (like literally) into pieces. I couldn’t eat it unless I use my hand to pick it up. The only thing I liked here are the hashbrowns/(fries). It smelled really good and I am guessing it’s the duct fat, and filled me up very quickly. But I really like the aroma it was giving off.

Wild Mushroom Benny – spinach, thyme, Sea to Sky mushroom salt, citrus hollandaise $11

Okay this was good, the mushrooms were cooked just right with a bit of balsamic vingear brought out the flavours of the mushrooms. Soft bread and spinach cooked throughly to almost a sauce, I enjoyed this benny very much.

I ordered toast on the side. Okay, I wasn’t aware that toast wasn’t included with the breakfast. The waitress asked ‘would you like toast on the side?’. I thought it was included, because she didn’t say ‘would you like toast on the side for an extra 4 dollars?’ I am not trying to be cheap but the toast that I was eating seriously is not worth the 4 dollars, it was very hard and dry. But I just think it would be nice to let your customer know that the side you are offering is how much.

The friend I was enjoying this brunch had banned the restaurant himself. He wouldn’t revisit. I think I would be okay if someone suggested it. (But maybe try out dinner/lunch.) But I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone myself.

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