Trees Organic Cafe


It’s been a while since I have revisited this place. Then one night my friend picked it again so I get to have their yummy cheesecake again. If you are looking for something similar to Cheesecake etc, then you are at the wrong place. Their cheesecake texture is very different. Trees Organic is more of a New York Cheesecake style where the cheesecakes are more dense and stiff.

From left to right:

Chocoholic Cheesecake – super rich of chocolate, I am not sure how much chocolate they have put into this cheesecake but if you like chocolate and cheesecake then this is the cheescake for you.

The Sin – Chocolate cheesecake with sour cherries, after trying this place several times I still like this one the best. Maybe it’s the sour cherries balancing with the rich chocolate. But no matter what it is, I am just in love with this one 🙂

Blueberry Cheesecake – This one is much lighter than the other two, and I almost felt that the texture is also lighter (or I am just dreaming..) This is a good one if you don’t like rich desserts, light with lots of blueberries.

PS: This is a very energetic place with live bands and music during different times. Be sure to check out their music schedule on their website if you want to enjoy coffee, cakes and music. But if you want a place to chat then I would suggest elsewhere because the music can get quite loud.

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