Fable Kitchen

Dined here with a group of 8, glad that I’ve made a reservation because this is one busy restaurant! I wasn’t feeling too hungry, and not meaty… so I ordered a beet salad and mushroom flat bread to share with my friend. Even though these are appetizer sizes, they seem to be quite large for me. I couldn’t finish my share of the dishes.

Beet Salad (sorry for the blurry photo, it was so dark in there I couldn’t control my hand from shaking! đŸ˜„ )

Beet Salad

I absolutely love beet, maybe it’s the sweet or maybe it’s the colors? Whatever it is, it was a pleasure to look at and a delight to eat. Sweet beets with Herb yogurt and quinoa and coffee streusel. I have never eaten coffee streusel (or streusel of any sort before), I couldn’t understand what it was and had to go online to look. 😛 They are very similar to bread crumbs but a little bit more crispy, almost had this deep fried texture to them. However it was delicious with the salad. Brings out the sweet flavours of beet salad. A very tasty beet salad.

Mushroom Flat Bread served with Olive oil, arugula, parmesan

Mushroom Flat Bread

This mushroom flat bread is as large as a small size pizza. I think this is what mostly filled me up. This is another very interesting sweet dish, I am not quite sure where did the sweet come from. Onions? Mushroom? I was very clueless where did the sweetness came from, it was really sweet (not something that taste like sugary but something very natural). But regardless what the sweet is, I just couldn’t help but kept eating it!! (Though I got quite full quickly and it was a little messy to eat.)
I think I remember Fable originally was Wet Bar? Anyways this is a great comfort food place to go on W4th with a size no larger than 6-8 to be comfortably seated and intimate enough to talk. (This is an energetic restaurant, therefore has medium-high noise.)

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Purple Olives Grill

Found this restaurant on Thurlow, off Robson. I never knew or heard of this restaurant, and was hungry for food after a day of Christmas shopping. So I landed here with a girlfriend. When we first entered the restaurant, the first thing I noticed is that there is no one in there… (That’s usually not a good sign.)

We sat for a bit before the waitress came to help us, and after we have decided what to order we had to wait some more for her to come help us again. (She is the only staff working at this quite large restaurant.)

While we waited for our food, I looked around at the decor and such. It’s a very dark restaurant but decent decor. But seems like the food doesn’t live up to the looks. (Yes very dark to a point I couldn’t really get any sharp pictures and food presentation weren’t too presentable either.)

I used my groupon where I can get two appetizers and a main course for only 15.00/person.

Clam chowder – served with garlic toast. This is ok, at least it didn’t taste like canned soup. There are chunks of potato and clams to munch on. Though the garlic toast was not very crispy. Yes it was soggy. 😩

Second appetizer is the caesar salad with shrimp – okay maybe I should have expected it but the shrimp were frozen, tiny (I call them immature shrimps) and too salted. The caesar salad had way too much sauce that all the lettuce were soggy. (Too many soggy in one meal.)

Last is my purple olive ribs – honey sauce. The ribs are good, they were tender and not too much flavouring. And it was a very large rack also (considering I am using a coupon.)

Also got to try out my friend’s New York steak with prawns (these prawns are actual size. :P) Steak at medium rare was decent, a little lack of sauce (haha either too much sauce or no sauce. XD)

I am not quite sure if I’ll revisit. Nothing really impressed me.

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Nao Sushi

It was 8pm and we were hungry. Most restaurants are either closed or closing, but luckily I found this was still open but 30mins until closing. So I ordered super fast and ate super fast. 😛

We went for something basic and a few specials that we saw on the wall.

Tempura Udon – The tempura were fried very nicely, just enough batter and not too long. Udons were cooked to just chewy with a lighter soup base.

Steamed clam shells in buttered soup – wait I can’t remember if this was steamed or cooked. But regardless I remember the butter. I don’t think the clams were fresh, they didn’t taste fresh and out of a mini pot of 15ish pieces I had around 4 that are not open. (Clams don’t cook open if they are already dead.)

Negitoro – I always order this because my love for toro. This one is alright. I think the sushi rice can be better, they were a little overcooked.

Pressed Saba Sushi – The sushi rice really failed any sushi of the night. The flavour is fine but I can’t help but notice how the sushi rice is overcooked. 😩


I have been here several times, and I am not that impressed every time. (But hey I never suggest coming here… :P) And their food quality compared to their price I think it’s just not worth it. I really think they can do a lot better with better service and just a little more refined food.

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Savary Island Pie Company

I have heard lots and lots of Savory Island Pie Company and it was very busy considering it was a very early morning. It was a very small rustic cafe that had a lot of very large tables, made it a very awkward kind of seating. I am not sure why they wanted to put a super large table in the centre taking up all the room, would probably fit more people with smaller tables everywhere. (Just a thought…)

I love having dessert for breakfast, if I can I will do it everyday. 😛 So for my perfect dessert breakfast there will be latte and lemon buttermilk pie with blueberries.


The latte is average, though I am hoping for a little bit more milk… This one is towards the coffee side.This buttermilk pie is very very lemony, very sour – if you don’t like sour please don’t try. But I like sour so I really liked this slice of pie. And I was very very full after eating this with half a cup of my coffee. There isn’t much for you to eat there… or maybe I just don’t know how to order. They do sell lots of different other pastries and I was a little overwhelm. I am sure this is a great pie to go place if you live around the area.

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Calabria Cafe

I noticed this cafe because I was hunting for vintage saucers in all those vintage shops on Commercial Drive with my mom, so after shopping for a while I was hungry for lunch. I pointed out this interesting decor cafe among all these Italian shops, and was up for an adventure.

This is not just a cafe – they serve coffee, tea, sandwiches, cookies and gelato. I have never been to Italy but I really found all the statues and environment feels very Italian to me. 😛 Even though it’s a cold day, but you get a warm fuzzy feeling sitting here with hot drinks.

For our drinks we ordered the cappuccino and decaf latte. My mom’s foaming cappuccino was delicious with lots of foam! (Had so much fun with my mom’s foam mustache.) Latte was nice and smooth and non sweeten – perfect for my tasting.




This is a panini like bread with vegetarian ingredients inside – mushrooms, bell peppers, and this very interesting spice and I still cannot made up what it is. Though their bread is much softer than those of panini and thicker, but pressed grill on the outside. The mushrooms and bell peppers worked really well with each other. I enjoyed it.


Jack sandwich – spinach, jack cheese, tomato, black olives and artichokes. Hmm I just love black olives and artichokes, they are so yummy especially with cheese. :9 Therefore made this a delicious sandwich, I liked it so much!! Though it is a very big sandwich, I just couldn’t finish it.



Having coffee means having cookies :P. So I ordered an almond biscotti on the side to enjoy with the coffee while I chat with my mother about teenagers these days. 😛

Food and drink quality is good for this sort of hidden cafe, however if you are looking for a good service than I would recommend you to go somewhere else. Their service is not rude, but wasn’t friendly either.  Everything is pretty much self serve without little help, so maybe go with an Italian friend so you know what is good to order and perhaps the service will be better. 😛

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