Calabria Cafe

I noticed this cafe because I was hunting for vintage saucers in all those vintage shops on Commercial Drive with my mom, so after shopping for a while I was hungry for lunch. I pointed out this interesting decor cafe among all these Italian shops, and was up for an adventure.

This is not just a cafe – they serve coffee, tea, sandwiches, cookies and gelato. I have never been to Italy but I really found all the statues and environment feels very Italian to me. 😛 Even though it’s a cold day, but you get a warm fuzzy feeling sitting here with hot drinks.

For our drinks we ordered the cappuccino and decaf latte. My mom’s foaming cappuccino was delicious with lots of foam! (Had so much fun with my mom’s foam mustache.) Latte was nice and smooth and non sweeten – perfect for my tasting.




This is a panini like bread with vegetarian ingredients inside – mushrooms, bell peppers, and this very interesting spice and I still cannot made up what it is. Though their bread is much softer than those of panini and thicker, but pressed grill on the outside. The mushrooms and bell peppers worked really well with each other. I enjoyed it.


Jack sandwich – spinach, jack cheese, tomato, black olives and artichokes. Hmm I just love black olives and artichokes, they are so yummy especially with cheese. :9 Therefore made this a delicious sandwich, I liked it so much!! Though it is a very big sandwich, I just couldn’t finish it.



Having coffee means having cookies :P. So I ordered an almond biscotti on the side to enjoy with the coffee while I chat with my mother about teenagers these days. 😛

Food and drink quality is good for this sort of hidden cafe, however if you are looking for a good service than I would recommend you to go somewhere else. Their service is not rude, but wasn’t friendly either.  Everything is pretty much self serve without little help, so maybe go with an Italian friend so you know what is good to order and perhaps the service will be better. 😛

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