Savary Island Pie Company

I have heard lots and lots of Savory Island Pie Company and it was very busy considering it was a very early morning. It was a very small rustic cafe that had a lot of very large tables, made it a very awkward kind of seating. I am not sure why they wanted to put a super large table in the centre taking up all the room, would probably fit more people with smaller tables everywhere. (Just a thought…)

I love having dessert for breakfast, if I can I will do it everyday. 😛 So for my perfect dessert breakfast there will be latte and lemon buttermilk pie with blueberries.


The latte is average, though I am hoping for a little bit more milk… This one is towards the coffee side.This buttermilk pie is very very lemony, very sour – if you don’t like sour please don’t try. But I like sour so I really liked this slice of pie. And I was very very full after eating this with half a cup of my coffee. There isn’t much for you to eat there… or maybe I just don’t know how to order. They do sell lots of different other pastries and I was a little overwhelm. I am sure this is a great pie to go place if you live around the area.

Savary Island Pie Company on Urbanspoon


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