Nao Sushi

It was 8pm and we were hungry. Most restaurants are either closed or closing, but luckily I found this was still open but 30mins until closing. So I ordered super fast and ate super fast. 😛

We went for something basic and a few specials that we saw on the wall.

Tempura Udon – The tempura were fried very nicely, just enough batter and not too long. Udons were cooked to just chewy with a lighter soup base.

Steamed clam shells in buttered soup – wait I can’t remember if this was steamed or cooked. But regardless I remember the butter. I don’t think the clams were fresh, they didn’t taste fresh and out of a mini pot of 15ish pieces I had around 4 that are not open. (Clams don’t cook open if they are already dead.)

Negitoro – I always order this because my love for toro. This one is alright. I think the sushi rice can be better, they were a little overcooked.

Pressed Saba Sushi – The sushi rice really failed any sushi of the night. The flavour is fine but I can’t help but notice how the sushi rice is overcooked. 😦


I have been here several times, and I am not that impressed every time. (But hey I never suggest coming here… :P) And their food quality compared to their price I think it’s just not worth it. I really think they can do a lot better with better service and just a little more refined food.

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