Purple Olives Grill

Found this restaurant on Thurlow, off Robson. I never knew or heard of this restaurant, and was hungry for food after a day of Christmas shopping. So I landed here with a girlfriend. When we first entered the restaurant, the first thing I noticed is that there is no one in there… (That’s usually not a good sign.)

We sat for a bit before the waitress came to help us, and after we have decided what to order we had to wait some more for her to come help us again. (She is the only staff working at this quite large restaurant.)

While we waited for our food, I looked around at the decor and such. It’s a very dark restaurant but decent decor. But seems like the food doesn’t live up to the looks. (Yes very dark to a point I couldn’t really get any sharp pictures and food presentation weren’t too presentable either.)

I used my groupon where I can get two appetizers and a main course for only 15.00/person.

Clam chowder – served with garlic toast. This is ok, at least it didn’t taste like canned soup. There are chunks of potato and clams to munch on. Though the garlic toast was not very crispy. Yes it was soggy. 😦

Second appetizer is the caesar salad with shrimp – okay maybe I should have expected it but the shrimp were frozen, tiny (I call them immature shrimps) and too salted. The caesar salad had way too much sauce that all the lettuce were soggy. (Too many soggy in one meal.)

Last is my purple olive ribs – honey sauce. The ribs are good, they were tender and not too much flavouring. And it was a very large rack also (considering I am using a coupon.)

Also got to try out my friend’s New York steak with prawns (these prawns are actual size. :P) Steak at medium rare was decent, a little lack of sauce (haha either too much sauce or no sauce. XD)

I am not quite sure if I’ll revisit. Nothing really impressed me.

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