Fable Kitchen

Dined here with a group of 8, glad that I’ve made a reservation because this is one busy restaurant! I wasn’t feeling too hungry, and not meaty… so I ordered a beet salad and mushroom flat bread to share with my friend. Even though these are appetizer sizes, they seem to be quite large for me. I couldn’t finish my share of the dishes.

Beet Salad (sorry for the blurry photo, it was so dark in there I couldn’t control my hand from shaking! 😥 )

Beet Salad

I absolutely love beet, maybe it’s the sweet or maybe it’s the colors? Whatever it is, it was a pleasure to look at and a delight to eat. Sweet beets with Herb yogurt and quinoa and coffee streusel. I have never eaten coffee streusel (or streusel of any sort before), I couldn’t understand what it was and had to go online to look. 😛 They are very similar to bread crumbs but a little bit more crispy, almost had this deep fried texture to them. However it was delicious with the salad. Brings out the sweet flavours of beet salad. A very tasty beet salad.

Mushroom Flat Bread served with Olive oil, arugula, parmesan

Mushroom Flat Bread

This mushroom flat bread is as large as a small size pizza. I think this is what mostly filled me up. This is another very interesting sweet dish, I am not quite sure where did the sweet come from. Onions? Mushroom? I was very clueless where did the sweetness came from, it was really sweet (not something that taste like sugary but something very natural). But regardless what the sweet is, I just couldn’t help but kept eating it!! (Though I got quite full quickly and it was a little messy to eat.)
I think I remember Fable originally was Wet Bar? Anyways this is a great comfort food place to go on W4th with a size no larger than 6-8 to be comfortably seated and intimate enough to talk. (This is an energetic restaurant, therefore has medium-high noise.)

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