Chocolate Arts


I have previously received a box of chocolate from Chocolate Arts as a gift from a friend. I enjoyed their chocolate and the looks of their chocolate comes in a very simple clean silver tin box (which now I use to store my accessories). I always see their little stand inside the Granville Island Market Place, but I never knew about their store which locates on W3rd (close to Fir Street).


So for the Hot Chocolate Festival, I came here to visit and I fell in love! With the place, it’s beautiful and so many chocolates to look at. 🙂

They are serving two hot chocolate during the festival, and I have selected the #20 – “ARMOURY AMOUR”

Cocoa Barry “Madirofolo”– a single plantation chocolate, kissed with raspberry,and served with a mini lemon and basil ice cream sandwich.

This smooth dark chocolate with raspberry flavours and beautiful presentation was such a wonderful touch to an raining afternoon cafe chat. I was so glad that it wasn’t overly sweet. 🙂
Armoury AmourAlong side an dark chocolate ice cream sandwich with lemon basil filling was served. Though the sandwich was tad bit hard, I enjoyed the combination of the whole thing so much!!  The basil brought out the flavours of dark chocolate and lemon. It was just so yummy with the hot chocolate.
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Nero Belgian Waffle Bar


I have heard many things about this waffle bar and finally I get to try catching up with a girlfriend over a Sunday afternoon. It was a cold but sunny afternoon, once we got into the small small waffle bar we spotted only two seats left. This is a very very busy place!

PS: I must give you a warning, if you expecting good service. You won’t get any. So just prepare yourself and enjoy the waffles and ignore everything else.

Along with our waffles, we ordered two teas.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry on Brussel waffles – these waffles tend to be more crispy and fluffy than liege. These tasted so yummy with the dark chocolate and fresh raspberries. I loved how it wasn’t overly sweet and was just good enough with my honeybush tea.


Hazelnut liege waffle with vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce – liege waffles are more dense and chewy, this small little waffle will definitely fill you up in no time. But it was so good!! Grind hazelnut sprinkle on vanilla ice cream, gave it an extra draw of the vanilla flavour. Caramel sauce can be minus if you don’t have a sweet tooth, because it got quite sweet with the ice cream and the sauce.


Overall I liked their waffles, though I would probably reconsider with the type of service I got. (Question was answered rudely, forgotten that I have asked her for honey.) I think it would be better if I go during a very not busy time, so she’ll be in a better mood….
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Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Hot Chocolate Festival is here, I have seen this festival in previously last year but never got around to try out any of the cafes. So this year along with Dine Out Vancouver, I am also enjoying all the hot chocolate I can find. 😉

Beaucoup cafe located on Fir (close to Grandville Island) but is addressed as Kitslano. (It is a little complicated to explain the location, it would be much easier to google it.) I have first noticed their Facebook advertising and had been wanting to try since they opened (Winter 2012).

So finally last Sunday I paid a visit and also get to try out their hot chocolate with passion fruit. They were so busy on a Sunday afternoon, packed with people and every table filled! We ordered our items and quickly got a window bar seat near the door.

Of course if I am in ANY bakery place, I just need to get myself a piece of pastry. Sharing with a girlfriend, we got ourselves lemon tart and apple tart.


This lemon tart is very sour, but it was good sour. Very concentrated lemon with buttery tart crust. It was also very pleasant to look at while I eat it up. 😛IMG_7562

The apple tart was so cutely decorated with an apple stem and a slice of green apple as leaf. It was also very good, very strong apple (sauce?) flavour and delicious tart crust.

Our tarts were given to us right away and we waited for a long time for our hot chocolate. Then I went to check again and they realized that they never got the order.

The passion fruit was a strong force. 😛 It was so fragrant that almost taste like perfume (in a good way). This drinking chocolate is not too sweet but has a beautiful passion fruit aroma was very delicious. Though I got full quite fast. The small heart cookie that came with the chocolate has salt on it, which tasted great with the hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

This is one energetic cafe (probably because of the size, therefore feels more packed). I had a few moments of hard to heard during my conversation, but it died down towards their closing time.

I like the feel and look of this cafe, and would revisit again. Hopefully next time it will be less crowded! And they won’t forget my order. 😛

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Market by Jean-Georges

Located at Shangri-La Hotel, in Vancouver Downtown – this beautiful restaurant with awesome mood and delicate decor, their food is good but I expected more.


I finally revisited this place for Dine Out Vancouver 2013. Revisit because I have been here before in the lounge area just for the dessert and drinks, I absolutely loved one of its dessert so I thought the rest of  it should be not bad.


For a full list of Market‘s Dine Out Menu, please click here.


Since there were two of us, I get to try two sets of different items on their dine out menu. Here we go!


Beet Salad with Greek yogurt, herbs and chili

Beet cooked perfectly, very sweet and tasted great with Greek yogurt though I am not quite sure where is the chili…

beet salad

Butternut squash soup with black trumpet mushrooms

Very delicious squash soup, cooked very fine also.

squash soup


Grilled Berkshire Pork Chop with steamed mushrooms and XO sauce

I’m not sure if it is because being an Asian girl, XO sauce is a verily common sauce used at home. Especially my mom is an expert at making home made XO sauce, tasting their pork chop with XO sauce on top didn’t impress me at all. It is good, but this taste like something my mother makes at home.

pork chop with xo sauce

Slowly Cooked Steelhead with truffle mashed potato and Brussel sprouts

Steelhead (salmon) fresh and tender, served with light Brussel sprouts which balanced the flavour of truffle mashed potato. However I do wish there is just a tad bit more of truffle flavour. Overall this dish is a little lack of interesting flavour.

steelhead with truffled mashed potato


Cheesecake with kumquat marmalade and tangerine sorbet

This was quite a surprise, it was a very normal cheesecake but the kumquat marmalade is very yummy with the cheesecake. I especially liked the tangerine sorbet! I couldn’t resist but to finish that even though I was really full. 😛

kumquat cheesecake

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Warm on the inside, the moment you dig in chocolate syrup spills out. Tasted delicious with vanilla ice cream.

warm chocolate cake

Overall, I liked my experience there. Service and atmosphere is really good, however I did expect a little more of the food. I will revisit if my friends select this restaurant, otherwise this won’t be one of my top choices.

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Jethro’s Fine Grub


It was a while back when I came here to Jethro’s Fine Grub, on a Sunday morning in the nice hot summer. Around 1030am in the morning I had to wait about 20mins to get a seat for two. Then I see the giant line build up as I enjoy my meal. This is a very busy place so to avoid waiting, I would suggest getting there as early as possible. They open at 8am anyways. 🙂

Love their logo board, so had to take a photo!!


The sauce that was given to us after we have placed our order. That is a lot of sauces, maybe more than what I need. But I tried everything to see what they were. 😛

French Toast

Chocolate-Chip Banana Bread French Toast Topped with caramelized bananas and whipped cream. Oh this is one heart-attack breakfast but it was so delicious!! I love the super soft and fluffy french toast!! (I’m a sucker for french toast, even the Hong Kong style one!!!) The caramelized bananas along with the whipped cream was so yummy. I think it was sweet enough without further syrup, but if you are a crazy sweet tooth, you can use any of the above sauces! 😛

Sorry I can’t remember the name of this, but this is like a tuna melt with cheddar and covered with egg. This tuna melt is delicious with the green hot sauce they have provided. I really enjoyed this also.

Really I love to revisit often if I live around the area and that there will be less line up. But once in a while I really don’t mind. I recommend coming in small groups so you don’t have to wait as long.

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La Petite Cuillère

At the old location of Death By Chocolate on Kingsway(?). I came here on a Tuesday afternoon after my work off early and there was no one person in this tea shop. But I have heard some good reviews about this place so I had to come by to try.

IMG_7204 IMG_7205

The moment I walked into this tea shop, I just fell in love with the decor. It was so vintage, everything!! It sort of reminds me of an old vintage shop with an English accent. 😛 But really, I felt like I am in England (though I’ve never been).


It was a hot day, so a cold iced tea was just so yummy! This iced black tea has sweet and fruity floral flavours, perfect for a hot summer day. (This is only available during the summer, May-September.)


Their cups and saucers are very beautiful, I wonder if the owner collected them all from vintage stores (just like my collection at home? :P). IMG_7216

Unfortunately they do not have any afternoon tea serves during the weekdays (only available Friday to Sunday – see details here.) But they had their petite (small) tea available and since it was 1pm lunch time, we also ordered a sandwich.

La petite cuillère Tea – Two miniature sweets and one of their signature cupcake (maple bacon for that day). Served with a choice of premium loose leaf tea selection (I’ve selected Mango Green –Wonderfully pan fired greens blended with Mangos give this tea a fresh, sweet taste.)

The two miniature sweets I got was a raspberry tart and chocolate brownie. However, I think I got an extra mini blueberry cheesecake also. 😛 These are very simple sweets but they were very tasty in a minature sizes. Just right for sweet tooth lunch!

Then this is the Maple Bacon Cupcake, happens to be feature of the month. I had maple bacon ice cream before, and this is similar taste to it but in a fluffy cupcake form. 🙂 Very tasty but a little over sweet on the icing.IMG_7220


Smoked Salmon with Herbed Cream Cheese and Asparagus Panini – Smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese and asparagus Panini, served with a seasonal green salad and caesar dressing. This is a very delicious panini, freshly made and pressed. Served hot. :)I know this place also has brunch/lunch available, I would love to come back here for a brunch or the actual afternoon tea service. It’s such a beautiful place, I wonder if I can just sit there by myself with a cup of tea and a piece of cake for two hours and just read? Need to try.La Petite Cuillère on Urbanspoon

Koi Japanese Tapas Bar

I noticed this place every time driving by Kingsway, and every single time I would slow down to see what is this place about. Usually later (around 11pm) this places get very packed – almost made me think that there is a lounge in the suburbs area of Burnaby. I got there around 5pm, I guess it is a little early for dinner. But there is no one in the restaurant.

I lied, there is someone sitting by the bar. But I believe it is a friend of the owner. They were having so much fun drinking on their own.

Since I was there for dinner, I have ordered a few things to share between the two of us.
Salmon SashimiFresh salmon sashimi – for us small eater, I asked them to make a half size portion, and it was just the perfect size!

deep fried yam, cucumber topped with avocado and sesame sauce
This one had an interesting name, so I ordered it. Black Forest Roll, though there is nothing black about this sushi roll. 😛 This is quite a normal sushi roll but what made it different was the sesame sauce. I really like sesame myself and the sauce was great subtly bringing out the flavours of cucumber which gave it crunch and freshness.

Harumaki Salad Roll

Bang Bang Ji

We didn’t feel too much like sushi rolls, because the person I was sharing sushi with doesn’t like tuna. And LOTS of rolls contains tuna. So we got this BangBangJi Salad Roll – if you had bang bang ji salad, this is pretty much the salad wrapped in a thin rice paper (those used in Vietnamese spring rolls). I think was quite good, helped the salad kept its shape without interrupting too much of the original salad flavour.

Japanese Poutine
I can’t remember if this was on the menu… but it’s fries served with gravy and Japanese curry and nori. Oh I loved this one. Such a good combination of fries and curry (Japanese curry tends to be sweeter.) This would have been perfect if you are drinking.

I would like to revisit when it is busy to see what the vibe is suppose to be.

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