Market by Jean-Georges

Located at Shangri-La Hotel, in Vancouver Downtown – this beautiful restaurant with awesome mood and delicate decor, their food is good but I expected more.


I finally revisited this place for Dine Out Vancouver 2013. Revisit because I have been here before in the lounge area just for the dessert and drinks, I absolutely loved one of its dessert so I thought the rest of  it should be not bad.


For a full list of Market‘s Dine Out Menu, please click here.


Since there were two of us, I get to try two sets of different items on their dine out menu. Here we go!


Beet Salad with Greek yogurt, herbs and chili

Beet cooked perfectly, very sweet and tasted great with Greek yogurt though I am not quite sure where is the chili…

beet salad

Butternut squash soup with black trumpet mushrooms

Very delicious squash soup, cooked very fine also.

squash soup


Grilled Berkshire Pork Chop with steamed mushrooms and XO sauce

I’m not sure if it is because being an Asian girl, XO sauce is a verily common sauce used at home. Especially my mom is an expert at making home made XO sauce, tasting their pork chop with XO sauce on top didn’t impress me at all. It is good, but this taste like something my mother makes at home.

pork chop with xo sauce

Slowly Cooked Steelhead with truffle mashed potato and Brussel sprouts

Steelhead (salmon) fresh and tender, served with light Brussel sprouts which balanced the flavour of truffle mashed potato. However I do wish there is just a tad bit more of truffle flavour. Overall this dish is a little lack of interesting flavour.

steelhead with truffled mashed potato


Cheesecake with kumquat marmalade and tangerine sorbet

This was quite a surprise, it was a very normal cheesecake but the kumquat marmalade is very yummy with the cheesecake. I especially liked the tangerine sorbet! I couldn’t resist but to finish that even though I was really full. 😛

kumquat cheesecake

Warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

Warm on the inside, the moment you dig in chocolate syrup spills out. Tasted delicious with vanilla ice cream.

warm chocolate cake

Overall, I liked my experience there. Service and atmosphere is really good, however I did expect a little more of the food. I will revisit if my friends select this restaurant, otherwise this won’t be one of my top choices.

Market by Jean-Georges (Shangri-La Hotel) on Urbanspoon


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