Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe

Hot Chocolate Festival is here, I have seen this festival in previously last year but never got around to try out any of the cafes. So this year along with Dine Out Vancouver, I am also enjoying all the hot chocolate I can find. 😉

Beaucoup cafe located on Fir (close to Grandville Island) but is addressed as Kitslano. (It is a little complicated to explain the location, it would be much easier to google it.) I have first noticed their Facebook advertising and had been wanting to try since they opened (Winter 2012).

So finally last Sunday I paid a visit and also get to try out their hot chocolate with passion fruit. They were so busy on a Sunday afternoon, packed with people and every table filled! We ordered our items and quickly got a window bar seat near the door.

Of course if I am in ANY bakery place, I just need to get myself a piece of pastry. Sharing with a girlfriend, we got ourselves lemon tart and apple tart.


This lemon tart is very sour, but it was good sour. Very concentrated lemon with buttery tart crust. It was also very pleasant to look at while I eat it up. 😛IMG_7562

The apple tart was so cutely decorated with an apple stem and a slice of green apple as leaf. It was also very good, very strong apple (sauce?) flavour and delicious tart crust.

Our tarts were given to us right away and we waited for a long time for our hot chocolate. Then I went to check again and they realized that they never got the order.

The passion fruit was a strong force. 😛 It was so fragrant that almost taste like perfume (in a good way). This drinking chocolate is not too sweet but has a beautiful passion fruit aroma was very delicious. Though I got full quite fast. The small heart cookie that came with the chocolate has salt on it, which tasted great with the hot chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

This is one energetic cafe (probably because of the size, therefore feels more packed). I had a few moments of hard to heard during my conversation, but it died down towards their closing time.

I like the feel and look of this cafe, and would revisit again. Hopefully next time it will be less crowded! And they won’t forget my order. 😛

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