Nero Belgian Waffle Bar


I have heard many things about this waffle bar and finally I get to try catching up with a girlfriend over a Sunday afternoon. It was a cold but sunny afternoon, once we got into the small small waffle bar we spotted only two seats left. This is a very very busy place!

PS: I must give you a warning, if you expecting good service. You won’t get any. So just prepare yourself and enjoy the waffles and ignore everything else.

Along with our waffles, we ordered two teas.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry on Brussel waffles – these waffles tend to be more crispy and fluffy than liege. These tasted so yummy with the dark chocolate and fresh raspberries. I loved how it wasn’t overly sweet and was just good enough with my honeybush tea.


Hazelnut liege waffle with vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce – liege waffles are more dense and chewy, this small little waffle will definitely fill you up in no time. But it was so good!! Grind hazelnut sprinkle on vanilla ice cream, gave it an extra draw of the vanilla flavour. Caramel sauce can be minus if you don’t have a sweet tooth, because it got quite sweet with the ice cream and the sauce.


Overall I liked their waffles, though I would probably reconsider with the type of service I got. (Question was answered rudely, forgotten that I have asked her for honey.) I think it would be better if I go during a very not busy time, so she’ll be in a better mood….
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