Chocolate Arts


I have previously received a box of chocolate from Chocolate Arts as a gift from a friend. I enjoyed their chocolate and the looks of their chocolate comes in a very simple clean silver tin box (which now I use to store my accessories). I always see their little stand inside the Granville Island Market Place, but I never knew about their store which locates on W3rd (close to Fir Street).


So for the Hot Chocolate Festival, I came here to visit and I fell in love! With the place, it’s beautiful and so many chocolates to look at. 🙂

They are serving two hot chocolate during the festival, and I have selected the #20 – “ARMOURY AMOUR”

Cocoa Barry “Madirofolo”– a single plantation chocolate, kissed with raspberry,and served with a mini lemon and basil ice cream sandwich.

This smooth dark chocolate with raspberry flavours and beautiful presentation was such a wonderful touch to an raining afternoon cafe chat. I was so glad that it wasn’t overly sweet. 🙂
Armoury AmourAlong side an dark chocolate ice cream sandwich with lemon basil filling was served. Though the sandwich was tad bit hard, I enjoyed the combination of the whole thing so much!!  The basil brought out the flavours of dark chocolate and lemon. It was just so yummy with the hot chocolate.
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4 thoughts on “Chocolate Arts

  1. Love the reviews and the amazing photos. Your reviews are detailed and as a food (especially dining out), it’s always delightful to find these places i never knew from your reviews!

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