Cotto Enoteca Pizzeria


When it first opened, my friend recommended me go try them out. So I did! This location used to be Anducci’s (if anyone still remember this). I was seated outside, so I cannot tell if it was renovated from Auducci’s, but I believe not much have changed.


Cotto still served Italian dishes, with wood fire brick forno pizzas. (Similar items to Anducci’s.) So of course we had to order pasta and pizza to complete our casual Italian dinner at Cotto.


Looking at some of the signature dishes we found the Pizza Cotto – Yukon Gold potato, Sloping Hill pancetta, fried brussel sprout leaves, Gorgonzola dolce, fonduta

I enjoyed the flavours of this pizza, quite subtle but very tasty. However the brussel sprout leaves were quite bitter (I never had it before, this is my first time), but I think it would taste much better without the bitter leaves. 😛


Papardelle Carbonara – Two Rivers guanciale, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Pecorino Romano, roast garlic, 63 degree egg. Now what is 63 degree egg, did they actually measured that when they cooked it? XD But regardless this is a delicious pasta with the pata cooked just right.


For dessert, I’ve ordered the Salted Caramel Budino – Butterscotch pudding, Maldon sea salt, rosemary biscotti. Ohh, this was so yummy! I never had butterscotch pudding but this tasted delicious with sea salt. However the pudding is quite sweet, would be nicer if a little bit less sweet. Rosemary biscotti was also very tasty with the soft smooth butterscotch pudding. I am getting hungry just thinking about this. 😀


Even thought Cotto seems to be in a location that not much people would notice, but it was a quite a hidden neighbourhood gem. I wouldn’t mind going back to it again maybe with a few more friends to try out their bar. 🙂

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eight 1/2 Restaurant Lounge

A friend recommended this place to me a while ago, I came here for lunch and dinner before and now I return again for dinner with a few girls. When I first heard the name, it kept my interested and I never forgot about it. I also remember because of it’s location had some filming done about two years ago, so it just stayed in my head forever.

Wild Mushroom Risotto – Medley of fresh BC mushrooms, pine nuts, spinach, parmesan with a drizzle of white truffle oil. I got a small bite of this, the rice is a little hard. But it is alright. Couldn’t really taste the truffle oil. 😦

Marketplace Spaghetti – Roasted vegetables, goat cheese, torn basil, sundried tomato base served with garlic toast. I think this is an evolve from the marketplace pizza, special item featured during the time I visited. I really liked it, it had eggplant and sun dried tomato which is very spicy. Oh I absolutely love the spice to this pasta.

8th Avenue – Hot calabrese, chorizo, banana peppers, and sautéed mushrooms. I also shared this with a friend. Very delicious pizza, another spicy item on the list. I really liked the banana peppers, sweet and spicy. 🙂 Very good crust also, I believe it was fresh baked and we had to wait a bit for this pizza.

Crème Brûlée – A true vanilla bean crème brûlée infused with Grand Marnier. Shared this among six girls. 😉

This place has an extensive drink menu, since it is a lounge it has a lot of tapas and interesting drinks for you to try. So if you want a place to go Friday night, give this a try!

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Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee

I kept hearing about this place, and for some really odd reason I kept thinking it is by Burnaby Public Library but it is REALLY far away from Burnaby Public library. 😛 This waffle/bubble tea shop is near Edmonds High Gate Plaza (behind it actually). It was a nice October day, still had the remaining summer warmth and the beautiful sunshine, made this area feels so nice.

Three girls chatting over tea an waffles on a very nice afternoon, I was enjoying this waffle place in Burnaby. It’s just such a pleasant area to enjoy some tea and waffles. 🙂

So to share between the three of us, we ordered two different types of waffles:

Matcha red bean on Brussels waffles – also had some mochi and vanilla ice cream. This waffles are very fluffy indeed, and I especially like the chewy mochi on the waffles. 🙂

Mixed berry on Liege waffle – well this it was suppose to be. But they didn’t have any other berries left except strawberries and for some reason we got the brussels waffle. So now it is a Strawberry whipped cream brussels waffle. XD But regardless it was still good, though I wish I get to try the leige waffle!

You can also see this purply milky drink in the background. It was my lavender tea latte – though I sort of felt like she put milk and lavender together and gave it to me… It was not a good drink at all. Did I order it wrong? But when I make tea latte at home, it is much different than this.

This is their BLT sandwich combo, with house green quinoa salad. They also have other sandwiches and shave ice on the menu.

I will give this place one more try and hopefully everything will run smoothly next time.

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Yew Restaurant & Bar

This year I revisited a lot of my favorite places – Yew (at Four Seasons) is one of them. Let’s begin! 😉

Appetizer: Lobster Soup – this is so yummy, with a little bit of truffle oil and the very smooth soup. Oh I just couldn’t forget the taste of this soup.

Appetizer: Seared scallops with BC cranberry sauce – what a great combination. Tender seared scallops served with a little bit of sweet fresh cranberry sauce.


Entree: BC Trout with mashed yam – Yew IS just good with their seafood. Taste and texture are really well balanced. The trout was also not overly done with a citrus sauce.


Entrees: Free run chicken with tiger prawns. This one is also good, though it feels little Asian fusion. But after tasting the salmon, just couldn’t get it out of my head.R0024343

Dessert: Apple Cake – this is pretty much cooked apple bits stacked into a cake with some raspberry filling. However I really liked their gelato – hazelnut. 😀R0024345

Dessert: Nanaimo Bar in a Jar – this rich pudding was very very delicious. Though it is so rich that you probably can’t finish if you already had a meal. But this dessert is so ‘Pinterest’. 😛R0024347
Just like the previous two times, I am in love with their fish and dessert. Of course very good service also. I would return again!

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Salade de Fruits Café

I just couldn’t believe it as I searched through my blog that I didn’t blog about this place. 😮
This French cafe is one of my favourite (although I think I am quite basis because I really like French food). I have been there two times and the first time, I was seated inside. Very dark inside and hard to take photos. So I revisited with two friends and it was the summer so I was able to sit outside and take some really nice photos of the food!

Their menus are only available in French on a piece of wood that looks like cutting board. 😛 But the servers are very enthusiastic about explaining the menu to you – especially the owner. 🙂

Oh something very important – they are cash only! So prepare yourself before heading there. And recommended to make a reservation because they are always fully packed.

Cuisse de lapin confit – Rabbit leg confi: this is rabbit leg cooked with duck fat (if I remembered correctly) Very juicy and aromatic from duck fat. I especially loved the beans, it had soaked in some juices and was so soft to eat. The rabbit was cooked just right.R0021403

Poisson du Jour – catch of the day: trout. Cooked with creamy lemon sauce, this one is very fresh and tender. Also served with tiger prawns and vegetables.


I can’t remember if this is Cuisse de canard confit – duck confit or Magret de canard sauce cassis – Duck in blackcurrant sauce. I just remember that the sauce was so yummy!! A little sweet and juicy with the duck meat, which made it just balance out the dryness of the meat.


Crème brulée – this is a French cafe must have. Served with raisin cookie, which is great to balance the sweetness. And also gave the creme brulee something crunch to chew on.


Ganache au chocolat – chocolate ganache cake, very rich and strong flavoured. Absolutely a chocolate lover must have. It worked out really well with the sour blueberries and whipped cream on the side. :9


This was a seasonal dessert – berry mousse cake served with fresh berries and its sauce. I really liked it and it was much lighter compared to the other two dessert.

I have enjoyed my visits here, both times the owner and waiters and very helpful and friendly. I absolutely love the old French cafe decor. Can’t wait to revisit again. 🙂

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Bacchus Restaurant (Wedgewood Hotel)

I had been to Bacchus a couple of times, and until now I still really like this restaurant. I liked the atmosphere (their weekend live piano), some of their seats (cozy love seats), and their very adorable hotel washroom. 😛

From previous times, I can never forget about their crispy baked chips. I loved the crisp and sesame!!

Dine Out Vancouver 2013 Appetizers:

Chicken Liver and Cognac Parfait – I really like the baked toast, it is so buttery. Almost feels like a baked toast. 🙂

Woodland Mushroom Velouie – basically a mushroom soup, very delicious soup! IF it has a hint of truffle oil, would be so good. 😛


Iceberg Wedge Salad with blue cheese dressing – this is my first attempt at blue cheese. And I am in love, more than goat cheese I have to say. With bits of bacon and green onion, I never thought I can eat an iceberg wedge this way.IMG_7617


Pan Seared Filet of Northern BC Salmon – on top of tomato risotto. Salmon was cooked good, but not the best I have had. However the tomato risotto is very delicious.IMG_7619

Confit of Fraser Valley Duck Leg – a little above average, not overly cooked. But it lacks something that made me said “Oh!”IMG_7621

Roasted California Cut New York Striploin – this however made me “Oh!” I was surprised how tender this is. Very juicy also. 🙂IMG_7623


Dark Chocolate Ganache & Praline Tart – very very rich. But I absolutely loved it!! It wasn’t sweet, just rich. I just couldn’t help but kept indulging on this even though I was quite full from my main course. :pIMG_7625

French Vanilla Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream – this was a special item mentioned by the waiter. Also another delicious treat.IMG_7626 Ginger & Cardamom Creme Brulee with poached pear and spiked sable – the ginger is so nice the milky egg mixture.IMG_7628

Overall I still think their quality of food is still living up to their reputation (I do like their dessert and appetizers better). However their service wasn’t too great, maybe because it’s dine out? But I would except it to be a little less rushed and just a little more care.
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