Bacchus Restaurant (Wedgewood Hotel)

I had been to Bacchus a couple of times, and until now I still really like this restaurant. I liked the atmosphere (their weekend live piano), some of their seats (cozy love seats), and their very adorable hotel washroom. 😛

From previous times, I can never forget about their crispy baked chips. I loved the crisp and sesame!!

Dine Out Vancouver 2013 Appetizers:

Chicken Liver and Cognac Parfait – I really like the baked toast, it is so buttery. Almost feels like a baked toast. 🙂

Woodland Mushroom Velouie – basically a mushroom soup, very delicious soup! IF it has a hint of truffle oil, would be so good. 😛


Iceberg Wedge Salad with blue cheese dressing – this is my first attempt at blue cheese. And I am in love, more than goat cheese I have to say. With bits of bacon and green onion, I never thought I can eat an iceberg wedge this way.IMG_7617


Pan Seared Filet of Northern BC Salmon – on top of tomato risotto. Salmon was cooked good, but not the best I have had. However the tomato risotto is very delicious.IMG_7619

Confit of Fraser Valley Duck Leg – a little above average, not overly cooked. But it lacks something that made me said “Oh!”IMG_7621

Roasted California Cut New York Striploin – this however made me “Oh!” I was surprised how tender this is. Very juicy also. 🙂IMG_7623


Dark Chocolate Ganache & Praline Tart – very very rich. But I absolutely loved it!! It wasn’t sweet, just rich. I just couldn’t help but kept indulging on this even though I was quite full from my main course. :pIMG_7625

French Vanilla Bread Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream – this was a special item mentioned by the waiter. Also another delicious treat.IMG_7626 Ginger & Cardamom Creme Brulee with poached pear and spiked sable – the ginger is so nice the milky egg mixture.IMG_7628

Overall I still think their quality of food is still living up to their reputation (I do like their dessert and appetizers better). However their service wasn’t too great, maybe because it’s dine out? But I would except it to be a little less rushed and just a little more care.
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