Salade de Fruits Café

I just couldn’t believe it as I searched through my blog that I didn’t blog about this place. 😮
This French cafe is one of my favourite (although I think I am quite basis because I really like French food). I have been there two times and the first time, I was seated inside. Very dark inside and hard to take photos. So I revisited with two friends and it was the summer so I was able to sit outside and take some really nice photos of the food!

Their menus are only available in French on a piece of wood that looks like cutting board. 😛 But the servers are very enthusiastic about explaining the menu to you – especially the owner. 🙂

Oh something very important – they are cash only! So prepare yourself before heading there. And recommended to make a reservation because they are always fully packed.

Cuisse de lapin confit – Rabbit leg confi: this is rabbit leg cooked with duck fat (if I remembered correctly) Very juicy and aromatic from duck fat. I especially loved the beans, it had soaked in some juices and was so soft to eat. The rabbit was cooked just right.R0021403

Poisson du Jour – catch of the day: trout. Cooked with creamy lemon sauce, this one is very fresh and tender. Also served with tiger prawns and vegetables.


I can’t remember if this is Cuisse de canard confit – duck confit or Magret de canard sauce cassis – Duck in blackcurrant sauce. I just remember that the sauce was so yummy!! A little sweet and juicy with the duck meat, which made it just balance out the dryness of the meat.


Crème brulée – this is a French cafe must have. Served with raisin cookie, which is great to balance the sweetness. And also gave the creme brulee something crunch to chew on.


Ganache au chocolat – chocolate ganache cake, very rich and strong flavoured. Absolutely a chocolate lover must have. It worked out really well with the sour blueberries and whipped cream on the side. :9


This was a seasonal dessert – berry mousse cake served with fresh berries and its sauce. I really liked it and it was much lighter compared to the other two dessert.

I have enjoyed my visits here, both times the owner and waiters and very helpful and friendly. I absolutely love the old French cafe decor. Can’t wait to revisit again. 🙂

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