Tealips Bubble Tea & Coffee

I kept hearing about this place, and for some really odd reason I kept thinking it is by Burnaby Public Library but it is REALLY far away from Burnaby Public library. 😛 This waffle/bubble tea shop is near Edmonds High Gate Plaza (behind it actually). It was a nice October day, still had the remaining summer warmth and the beautiful sunshine, made this area feels so nice.

Three girls chatting over tea an waffles on a very nice afternoon, I was enjoying this waffle place in Burnaby. It’s just such a pleasant area to enjoy some tea and waffles. 🙂

So to share between the three of us, we ordered two different types of waffles:

Matcha red bean on Brussels waffles – also had some mochi and vanilla ice cream. This waffles are very fluffy indeed, and I especially like the chewy mochi on the waffles. 🙂

Mixed berry on Liege waffle – well this it was suppose to be. But they didn’t have any other berries left except strawberries and for some reason we got the brussels waffle. So now it is a Strawberry whipped cream brussels waffle. XD But regardless it was still good, though I wish I get to try the leige waffle!

You can also see this purply milky drink in the background. It was my lavender tea latte – though I sort of felt like she put milk and lavender together and gave it to me… It was not a good drink at all. Did I order it wrong? But when I make tea latte at home, it is much different than this.

This is their BLT sandwich combo, with house green quinoa salad. They also have other sandwiches and shave ice on the menu.

I will give this place one more try and hopefully everything will run smoothly next time.

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