Cadeaux Bakery

I don’t quite recall how I found this place. I think I was randomly looking at some cake shops online and I came upon this. On a rainy Tuesday afternoon, I came here for a slice of cake to cheer myself up from the depressing weather Vancouver had been getting.

cashier area

If I read everything correctly from their website, Cadeaux head pastry chef had worked at Blue Water Cafe and Lumiere. He decided to come out and start his own business on the edge of Gastown – I say edge because this is close to Chinatown.

Upon entrance, I notice how large their store is. Lots of empty spaces (but only a few tables for sitting) but a very large open kitchen. (It is rare to see open baking kitchen) I was so delighted to watch the pastry chef work while I enjoyed his cake. 😛


While browsing through their website and doing my research, there is this cake name which caught my eye – London Fog Cake. Oh I must give this one a try!! So I did. 😉

london fog layer cake

Very fragrant cake, with sweet aroma of tea and the dense texture of the cake seems to have embed a lot of tea aroma. This cake wasn’t overly sweet at the beginning, I am not sure why as I went through it somehow it got sweeter and then I got really full and couldn’t finish it… Don’t get my wrong I enjoyed the cake but half way through with a cup of latte, it filled me up so quickly.
london fog layer cake inside


I liked this cake shop, however because of the location I would be reluctant to re visit. Need to revisit with more people, and during the day.

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Luv Cravings

It would probably very hard for me to discover this high tea place myself. It is located very close to King Edward skytrain station. But I never really go into that area. Recently, I had been going out lots to fulfill my sweet tooth cravings. 😛 A friend suggested to try out this place, so we went with a group of eight girls.

Luv Cravings is really cute, everything is so pink and pretty. Very fitted for a high tea place for girls. 🙂 For afternoon tea service, you need to make a reservation a day ahead of time. Aside from high tea service, they do have casual sit ins and various types of cupcakes and small snacks to choose from.

All of us got the Petite Tea service – “A sampling of our Signature Afternoon Tea, served with an array of 10 delicate sweets, savouries & tea sandwiches”

petite tea set

What we got (from what I remember): Red Velvet Cupcake, Lemon meringue Pie, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Egg Salad Sandwich, Cranberry Turkey Sandwich, Pesto & Brie Sandwich, Srawberry Cream Cheese Open Toast, Quiche, and Scones.

The savouries were average I would say. Nothing really made me say wow. But having said that everything is good. However their scones are served fresh and hot, which I absolutely loved! Rarely for afternoon tea service I get to eat hot scones. (I get hot scones when I make them at home. :P)

I couldn’t finish my sweets so I had to take them home. I was very excited to try out their cupcakes (since this is what they are famous for). It was one sweet cupcake, really couldn’t finish the icing. I was a little disappointed since they are suppose to be famous for cupcakes… 😦 However their lemon meringue pie is good, I think it is the sourness of the lemon that balanced this one out.


For tea, I have selected the Long Island Strawberry Green Tea. Couldn’t really comment much on this tea, since this is a pretty safe choice. I enjoyed it with honey. 🙂 They are pretty good at refilling the hot water, comes around often to make sure we have hot water for our tea.

The shop is very adorable and modern. With good service during out seating. However the food quality would stop me from traveling that distance for it, once again I am not saying their food is bad. For me, it’s not worth the trip.

I will revisit if I am in the area.

A side story to this – my friend called too book for an afternoon tea service on a Saturday. The staff asked her if she wanted the petite tea service or the regular service. So she came and asked us and we all selected petite. However when she called back, the staff told her that for the weekend they only offer the regular tea service. My friend got a little bit upset and finally the staff offered the petite tea service for us. I don’t know how I should feel about this.

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Sushi Nanaimo

Wow, the review for this resturant had scored so high! But I felt tricked. Because the food was very disappointing. Let me tell you my experience, when we first got in we were greeted right away by the waitress. However she doesn’t seems like she cares for our business and just stretched her arm out to gesture we can sit at this empty spot.

Okay, so I saw down with my friend and we waited for a while before we got our menu. I don’t understand what took so long because she saw us and gestured us to sit down already.

To start I have ordered the chopped scallop roll with salmon bits on top mixed with spicy sauce. The moment I took a bite, I realized right away why is everything so loose?? Everything fell apart. Like seriously fell apart. I couldn’t understand why because this is such a small sushi roll.R0023940 R0023941

Frozen salmon?? Yup, that’s what this is. Very cold and frozen and bland. There is no flavour to the salmon. I am not sure where did they get their salmon from, It almost felt like I was eaten ice, no flavour and cold.R0023942 R0023943

Tempura Udon – Udon soup is alright, but the tempura were soooo oily. 😦 And so much batter, I understand they are trying to fluff it up. (I used to work in a Japanese fast food place, so I know that’s what we do.) But that’s too much and too oily, I think the oil had been used for a few days already.R0023946

And this is the Hawaii roll I believe, california roll with mango and prawn. This is probably the most horrific Hawaii roll I ever had. The prawns were cooked but with absolutely no flavour of prawn, I don’t know what intimation prawn I am eating. Then it’s the mango, it was so raw and so sour!

I probably would never return.

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Apres-Midi Tea House/Gastown Tea Company

I found this tea shop a while ago online, and I had been meaning to pay a visit and just never got around to it. Finally last weekend I have paid a visit to this tea shop.


Previously named Apres-Midi Tea House is now transitioning over to Gastown Tea Company. When I first saw the name I thought they were the same tea shop as Granville Island Tea Company. I asked the staff there and she told me they are a family run small business and is not associated with the Granville Island Tea Company.


Anyways, this was a little hard to find. It was sort of hidden at a corner inside buildings. However I know if this area because I just visited Boneta not long ago, and it’s right beside it. There are two entrance to this tea shop, so be adventurous and I’m sure you’ll find your way.


I don’t know is it because I am a little obsessed with old architectures, but this surrounding and interior has these rustic looks to them. Which I LOVE.


They don’t really have a very large selection of tea, but it is decent. They also do high tea services (which you will need to make a reservation for.) I got there after lunch with a couple of friends, so we tried out different tea latte and tea.


I had the ‘Sweet Ending’ tea, with lots of fruits and flowers. Very delicious tea with honey. From the looks of my friends latte, they all look very yummy. 😛 So maybe I’ll give that a try next time I’m here.


Overall I really liked the atmosphere. Small place but is great for a chat over tea. (You see, I’m a tea drinker not a coffee drinker. :D) I would definitely revisit, with their great service and atmosphere. Need to try out their high tea service. 🙂


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When I was looking for new places to visit during this year’s Dine Out Vancouver, I have came across this. Looked at the menu and the interior photos of the restaurant, sparked my interest. So I paid a visit.

It was a little hidden, inside buildings across of the Steam Clock. I couldn’t really tell that was a restaurant from far away, it would looked more like a boutique with the apartments.

The moment I walked in, I already liked the look and feel to this place. I tried to imagine it in the summer with the gates open. Maybe my birthday party? Maybe. 🙂

Appetizer: Parsnip & Apple Soup, Dungeness Crab, Creme Fraiche & Crispy Parsnip

This is one delicious soup, I can taste the sweet apple scent in every bite. And some crispy parsnip and crab meat mad this soup soo soo good. 😛 I really liked it lots!

parsnip soup



Entrees: Sunchoke Risotto, Hedgehog Mushrooms, Pecorino, Shaved Truffles & Sunchoke Chips

OH I LOVE TRUFFLE!! XD It was so fragrant the moment the server put it down in front of me. I already wanted to dig in without taking a photo! But I didn’t. It was good, rice are cooked well. But I couldn’t finish, because it is very very filling.

Entress: Duck Breast, Leg Sausage, Roasted Squash, Savoy Cabbage, Fingerlings & Apple Soubise

I only had a bite of the duck breast. But I really needed to write about it because it was so tender!! I think probably the most tender I have tried so far (but I don’t eat much duck.) But I think I will reorder this next time I visit. Because it was very good. (Sorry didn’t get  a photo)


Dessert: Lemon Scented Pavlova, Sour Cherry Compote, Pistachio Mousse & Brittle

Pavolva are always very difficult to eat neatly, because they just shatter into pieces the moment you dig your fork in it. Like any other pavolva, it was very sweet and crunchy. I couldn’t finish it even with a sour cherry sauce. However I really really liked the pistachio mousse. It was very very delicious and light. Though not much pistachio taste. But so fluffy!! :3




I would love to revisit this place in the summer. I want to see those gates open. With good service and nice atmosphere – Birthday party. 😀

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Penang Delight Cafe 馬來檳城美食

I sort of wish to have tried out this restaurant earlier! I tried out the sushi place next door for lunch and finally gave this Malaysian place a try. The moment I entered the restaurant, I loved all the decor and authentic vibe it gave out (including the staff).


At 6:30pm, Penang is already quite busy. It got even busier as we were enjoying our dinner and I also notice a lot of take-out orders.


To start, ordered a Roti Canai– Crispy Indian style pancake served with curry dipping sauce. Oh, how I love roti!! These sweet soft pancakes are so delicious, maybe I should learn how to make them so I can enjoy them all day long at home. 😛 This store makes them very well also.


And this grass jelly in soy bean milk – was very interesting and good. I never thought I could have grass jelly in sweet soy bean milk. I am sure this would taste great with a sccop with coconut ice cream also. :9


Sambal Kang Kong  – Stir fried water spinach with shallots, garlic in sambal paste. Spicy water spinach is one of my favorite vegetables to order at most Chinese restaurant. But they always seem especially good in Malaysian/Singapore restaurants.



Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken – Coconut milk rice served with sambal, ikan bilis, peanuts, and rendang chicken. I always enjoy coconut milk rice, and this one seems extra delicious for some reason. Maybe because of the chicken and the sambal, I loved this dish. Would make a very easy and tasty lunch also!

Will revisit 🙂

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