When I was looking for new places to visit during this year’s Dine Out Vancouver, I have came across this. Looked at the menu and the interior photos of the restaurant, sparked my interest. So I paid a visit.

It was a little hidden, inside buildings across of the Steam Clock. I couldn’t really tell that was a restaurant from far away, it would looked more like a boutique with the apartments.

The moment I walked in, I already liked the look and feel to this place. I tried to imagine it in the summer with the gates open. Maybe my birthday party? Maybe. 🙂

Appetizer: Parsnip & Apple Soup, Dungeness Crab, Creme Fraiche & Crispy Parsnip

This is one delicious soup, I can taste the sweet apple scent in every bite. And some crispy parsnip and crab meat mad this soup soo soo good. 😛 I really liked it lots!

parsnip soup



Entrees: Sunchoke Risotto, Hedgehog Mushrooms, Pecorino, Shaved Truffles & Sunchoke Chips

OH I LOVE TRUFFLE!! XD It was so fragrant the moment the server put it down in front of me. I already wanted to dig in without taking a photo! But I didn’t. It was good, rice are cooked well. But I couldn’t finish, because it is very very filling.

Entress: Duck Breast, Leg Sausage, Roasted Squash, Savoy Cabbage, Fingerlings & Apple Soubise

I only had a bite of the duck breast. But I really needed to write about it because it was so tender!! I think probably the most tender I have tried so far (but I don’t eat much duck.) But I think I will reorder this next time I visit. Because it was very good. (Sorry didn’t get  a photo)


Dessert: Lemon Scented Pavlova, Sour Cherry Compote, Pistachio Mousse & Brittle

Pavolva are always very difficult to eat neatly, because they just shatter into pieces the moment you dig your fork in it. Like any other pavolva, it was very sweet and crunchy. I couldn’t finish it even with a sour cherry sauce. However I really really liked the pistachio mousse. It was very very delicious and light. Though not much pistachio taste. But so fluffy!! :3




I would love to revisit this place in the summer. I want to see those gates open. With good service and nice atmosphere – Birthday party. 😀

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