Apres-Midi Tea House/Gastown Tea Company

I found this tea shop a while ago online, and I had been meaning to pay a visit and just never got around to it. Finally last weekend I have paid a visit to this tea shop.


Previously named Apres-Midi Tea House is now transitioning over to Gastown Tea Company. When I first saw the name I thought they were the same tea shop as Granville Island Tea Company. I asked the staff there and she told me they are a family run small business and is not associated with the Granville Island Tea Company.


Anyways, this was a little hard to find. It was sort of hidden at a corner inside buildings. However I know if this area because I just visited Boneta not long ago, and it’s right beside it. There are two entrance to this tea shop, so be adventurous and I’m sure you’ll find your way.


I don’t know is it because I am a little obsessed with old architectures, but this surrounding and interior has these rustic looks to them. Which I LOVE.


They don’t really have a very large selection of tea, but it is decent. They also do high tea services (which you will need to make a reservation for.) I got there after lunch with a couple of friends, so we tried out different tea latte and tea.


I had the ‘Sweet Ending’ tea, with lots of fruits and flowers. Very delicious tea with honey. From the looks of my friends latte, they all look very yummy. 😛 So maybe I’ll give that a try next time I’m here.


Overall I really liked the atmosphere. Small place but is great for a chat over tea. (You see, I’m a tea drinker not a coffee drinker. :D) I would definitely revisit, with their great service and atmosphere. Need to try out their high tea service. 🙂


Après-Midi Teahouse on Urbanspoon


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