Gem Chocolate

Thanks for Hot Chocolate Festival, I discovered a lot of chocolate shops and chocolate cafes. Gem Chocolates – Upon entrance, it is a very small chocolate shop, very clean and bright. As I walked up the chocolate display, I felt like a kid again wanting everything in the display shelf.

When I visited they were serving creme brulee hot chocolate. I also ordered three pieces of chocolate – Lai-Chi (White), Berry Blue(Square) and Lava.


Creme Brulee Drinking Chocolate – freshly made and served with the caramel on top, has a slight creme brulee burnt to it. Though I wish it was in a mug so it stayed warm longer.

Lai-Chi – fresh lychee infusion in white chocolate ganache, very delicious and smooth; filled with lychee frangant. I loved this one dearly.

Berry Blue – Rooibos blueberry tea infusion in milk chocolate ganache: good strong blueberry taste

Lava – spicy dark chocolate ganache with a kick: the spicy sure gave this dark chocolate a cake. So delicious.

Overall their chocolates are good and so pretty, I would buy these as gifts and share with my friends. 🙂 But of course it is a cute place to sit and chat (though it is very small and only has 3 bar type seats)

Gem Chocolates on Urbanspoon


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