Tacofino Commissary

I dragged so long to post this one because I just could not recall the name of the restaurant at all… I don’t know why. But I just remember how the food tasted and how I loved the decor. It’s been too long so I am going to leave this one blank until I revisit.


If anyone can help me out, it will be greatly appreciated… it is a small little restaurant on Hastings relatively closed to Red Wagon but across the street. The store front is white and has some very interesting decor inside.


Rustic and simple. Most tables are long and large and meant for sharing, so if you don’t like sharing tables you should request it with the waitress.


So three of us was there for Sunday brunch, it wasn’t too busy. We were seated right away at Sunday 10am-ish. We started with a sunny side up egg on a tortilla warp with potatoe hash and bacon bits and spicy sauce at the bottom. This is some what similar to a chili, but without the beans. It was very yummy and a very filling, but I am not sure if there are a lot of msg in this because I got really thirsty afterwards.

Sandwich/Burger with pulled port and egg, tomatoe and cilanto. This was a little heavy for brunch, but it is a delicious burger. It also had quite a bit of cheese sauce therefore made it a bit messy to eat… R0024359 Pancakes with maple syrup, fluffy pancakes without being too sweet. (Just don’t go crazy with the maple syrup.) However I was especially intrigued by the ‘flag’ on top of the pancakes… I can’t tell what is it made it. It tastes like fruit loop rolls that I have when I was a kid. Jelly and fruity… but what is it?!! XP But it was good though, I just couldn’t make out how they made it.R0024360

Sorry I couldn’t remember the restaurant name and the dishes names… Because it was a while ago and I just couldn’t remember the names at all…. 😦

Hopefully I find it again soon and blog about it soon!! 😀

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