L’Opera Patisserie

I visited this cake shop several times in the last month.  I have to say I quite liked their beautiful decor! It’s perfect for photos. 😀  Tiny little cafe that only fits four tables with the looks of royalty, you do feel a little royal while you are in there. 😉


First time I went it was fully packed with tables of high tea services. So the three of us sat at a tiny table right by the entrance ordering individual cakes and macarons to test out.


Blueberry Tart with an adorable lady bug chocolate – like their other cakes, every one of them are decorated with care.


Mille-Feuille (Napoliean) – Previously I have had napolieans at lots of Asian bakery places and most of the time I don’t like it. Reason is the fluffy pasty is usually inside with cream around and very little fruits and lots of almonds.. and I think you can imagine how soggy the fluffy pastry will become after it sits with the cream for a while. So I sort of had this fear towards napoliean… XD But when I saw this one I thought maybe I can give it a try. I did not regret it at all. Napolieans are always messy to eat because the fluffy crispy pastry on the outside usually shatters and this one did too. But I loved the fresh raspberries to divide the pastries not to touch the cream. I loved this!!! wpid-dsc_0222

I ordered their raspberry rose macaron, with a beautiful fragrant of rose and sweets of raspberry in the middle. I absolutely adorable this macaron. What I liked the most, they are not too sweet! I think I just let it out win all macarons that I have had so far. Sorry for cheating. 😛

Second time back for a quick tea with a girlfriend after work, once again I ordered individual cakes.



It was a boiling summer afternoon, I just couldn’t get myself to have hot tea even though I drove. So I ordered an iced L’Opera tea – I am not sure is it because I kept poking my lemon so my L’Opera tea that is suppose to have hint of smell of chocolate just tasted like lemon iced tea. 😛

My girlfriend’s Mango Religieuse (they actually have other flavours decorated with different colours)  – basically two pastry dome with flavoured cream inside. The mango flavour is nice and strong.


I ordered it again… XD


Blackberries Charlotte – look at the beautiful chocolate butterfly!!! I just love their cute edible decorations on the cake. Blackberry mousse filling layered with sponge cake with lady finger like shell. Oh how come I never tried this cake anywhere else? Delicious mousse filling!


Finally I came back for high tea (okay, maybe it is a little obsessive :P) I can kind of see why this place is always so crowded. Their prices are not outrageous for their high tea service ($25.00/person). They have good service, the staffs are friendly and kind.



Lots of miniature pastries in their high tea – mini blueberry tarts, caramelized cream puff (surprisingly yummy with the caramelized sugar on top), mille-feuille.



I tried out their sesame macaron, equally yummy but I think my favourite is still raspberry rose. :3 The only thing I don’t like is the scone… it was SOOO hard. Like literally hard… I don’t really know what happened there. I will revisit, I just love this little cafe to bits!

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Butter Baked Goods & Cafe

When my friend first told me about this place, I got instantly attracted by the name of the cafe. They also have an afternoon tea room which serves afternoon tea service. Which I am excited to try also. 😀

Butter Cafe is quite far away from where I live, but I don’t regret making this trip. The place is adorable and everything had this modern vintage feel to it.


Was here for a late lunch/tea with friends so we ordered sandwiches, quiche and tart.

Lemon Meringue Tart

I ordered a lemon meringue tart (when I checked the website, I realized that it is a Saturday special unless you order in advance) with butter tea. The tart shell was quite stiff, I made a giant noise trying to crack it open with my fork. 😛 But the lemon curd was sour and refreshing. I loved it! Also loved how it was sort of mini size.

Butter Tea

Their sandwiches, soup and quiche are changed daily so whatever is in season and whatever they feel like making! Which I think it’s great, because if you revisit often. You can always try out different things.

Quiche of the Day

I took a small bite out of my friend’s quiche of the day, very delicious. Quiche tends to scare me because most ones I try elsewhere are very oily. These were perfect.

Ham and BrieHam and brie on rye. I am sure there are many people out there who doesn’t enjoy rye because they tend to be drier and rougher. But I think brie and rye are such perfect match to each other.

LatteAll drinks are served with a tiny cookie that goes well with your drink. Which I find very cute also.

I would love to try out their tea room for afternoon tea service soon!!
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