Pier 7 Restaurant & Bar

I found this restaurant while visiting the Lonsdale Night Market, I thought it must has a very good view. Need to come back to visit! So I did. 🙂

The restaurant looks newly renovated, everything is very modern and chic. It’s located right by the pier and has two stories (with a private party area at the top).

It was a sunny mid summer afternoon so we get to enjoy the patio. Although we didn’t get the best view of the patio but it was really nice.

It was an awkward brunch time: 2pm so the two of us ordered a few appetizers to share.


Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Tartar – Crisp apple mustard dressing with fried shallots & radish on Japanese sushi rice. Except they didn’t have any sushi rice, so we got extra taro chips. The taro chips were a little bit oily and taro naturally very filling and with it deep fried with that much oil, they seem to fill you up even faster. This would taste better if the taro chips are less oily.


Seafood Chowder  – SautĂ©ed finfish & shellfish in a savory tomato anise broth. This was one interesting seafood chowder. Normally you would think this would be made in a cream base, but this one was by a tomato broth, which was rich and I just loved the tomato flavour!


Summer Beet Salad – Spinach, pine nuts, orange & grapefruit segments. Delicious various of beets, with a very nice apple/pear dressing. Gave the whole salad a little bit more refreshing taste.

This is a nice restaurant (at least for the appetizers that I have tried.) but I would have to say lack of professional service. The waitress and waiters seem so new to the environment that they don’t know much. Not only they look clueless, some of them seems very un-attentive. I can only imagine how it will get worst when it is busy.

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