Kamamarui Ramen Sushi

My brother took me to this new ramen place in Burnaby. He told me three times that I should try, so I did. As I came to the place, it has a very cute entrance with a lantern outside with RAMEN (in Japanese) written on it. As I entered the restaurant the first thing I noticed is, there are only tables enough to seat 10 people in the restaurant. But don’t get me wrong because there are room, just not enough seats. Rustic and raw decor.


Then the second thing I noticed is the very happy staff/store owner. His smile is just unforgettable. I cannot remember the last time I saw such a happy genuine smile in the customer service industry. This, I cannot take a photo and you need to go see for yourself. But his service will be something that you will tell your friends about this place. Trust me. 🙂


So from the recommendations from my brother we order a ramen + bomb combo and a sushi roll combo.



You need to try the BOMB – seasoned seaweed with rice teriyaki sauce nigiri. These are so delicious!!! Even though you can really get full, and we ordered two orders. But they are so tasty I had to eat two pieces! 😛 Chewy rice with seaweed flavour! :9Kamamrui

When you order spicy ramen or the regular, essentially it is the same ramen but the spicy sauce comes on the side.


Let’s talk about the ramen, the broth is not overly creamy and not too salty. Nice chewy noodle but one thing I noticed is also what my brother mentioned is that they do not use fatty meat for their cha-shu. Yes, that’s right. Even from the photo you can see that there is no fatty meat. But without fatty meat, the cha-shui is still quite tender. But I think it’s hard to control that for every single piece. I noticed certain pieces are more tender some are tougher. But I quite like the non-fat cha-shu.


Soft Eggs – these are delicious eggs topped with sweet soysauce/teriyaki sauce. I recommended these to an egg lover and he absolutely loved it. 😛


I ordered the chopped scallop and the cheese dynamite roll. You know they are decent sushi – but I tend to notice this with lots of Korean own sushi places is that the rice is rolled not tight enough. Sushi rices tend to fall off before I can pick up the piece with my chopsticks. But aside from that the sushi are good tasting.

But afterall I love their BOMB. :9 I just can’t get enough. 😉

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