This year I am back for the Hot Chocolate Festival, last year I went but didn’t write reviews for the cafes I have visited. (Since I went to so many.) This year again I am trying my best to write reviews for all the cafes I am visiting this year. So stay tuned along with all my Dine Out Vancouver experience! Four busy weeks! 😉

To start off this year’s hot chocolate festival I visited this old place again – Schokolade. Last year I visited and tried out their “SNOW WHITE” – White chocolate and steamed milk, flavoured with peppermint and rose. They have the same menu as last year so you can still try this one out this year! I really liked the creamy smooth white chocolate, however there rose flavour is not strong enough (which I really wished it was!) But it was such a pretty drink to look at. 😉


DARK AND SPICY” – Made from 70% dark chocolate, cayenne, a shot of espresso and steamed milk. This one is spicy, it’s the cayenne spice that leaves and stays at the your throat while you keep sipping through this chocolate. It seriously doesn’t go away right away. Just a tad bit of the espresso flavour.


“EXTRA DARK”  – Made from 90% dark chocolate and steamed almond milk. This extra dark chocolate comes with a little bit of bitter from dark chocolate, rich but not sweet. But it is very filling along with chocolate pieces that they serve, I couldn’t finish it.


“WINTER COMFORT”  – 100% pure hazelnut butter blended with your choice of milk or dark chocolate. This was the easily drinking hot chocolate that day, it was smooth and buttery as it goes down your throat. Comes with freshly made chocolate-dipped hazelnut biscotti.

They have combos such as four pieces of chocolate with your hot chocolate for $10 so three of us were able to try out twelve different chocolate:


Sunny Orange White, Raspberry, Orange Mah Jong, Dark Passionfruit, Chilli

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREBrandy Truffle, Dark Pomergranate, Earl Grey Milk, Mango & Jalapena White, Chai Spice Dark

Their chocolates are generally really good, comes with a wide variety of interesting flavours. My favourite so far is pomergranate dark, earl grey milk and sunny orange white. Go try this one and you won’t regret it!

Schokolade Cafe on Urbanspoon


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