A small chocolate café located by Coal Harbour right outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre along with other restaurants and pub. I wanted to try this place last year but time didn’t work out so finally this year for the Hot Chocolate Festival, I need to go and try it out!

I cannot recall if they are serving the same menu as last year but there are some interesting looking flavours on this year’s menu. They serve this combo that allows you to order one cup of hot chocolate along with either: liege waffle, cheesecake, chocolate, or a scoop of Italian ice cream.

I wanted to keep indulging the chocolate flavour so I ordered a piece of coffee caramel dark chocolate along with my Tiger Milk.


I was attracted instantly with the description of the ingredients in this white hot chocolate with nugmeg, cardimom and saffron. Now here is the secret to ‘Tiger’ in the milk. As you let your drink sit a thin layer of yellow will glow on the top of your hot chocolate, that’s the tiger! The owner came over to ask if we see the colour coming out, just to make sure. 😉 I believe it is the oil from saffron that gave its colour. This is also a delicious white hot chocolate with spices.


Jamacian Kiss – Belgian milk chocolate flavoured with coconut, pineapple and rum. Maybe a little strong for 11:00am drink but it was delicious. I loved the coconut milk base with chunks of pineapple, the flavours are so great together it is hard to describe. 🙂

Hazelnut milk chocolate

Crepe – I think he gave us extra crepe? I am not sure, but this crepe is soft and chewy served warm! ❤

Liege Waffle – also served hot, but a little sweet but you can add other toppings and minus the sugar to balance the flavour out.


Dark Coffee Caramel Chocolate – This is one smooth dark coffee caramel, the filling is so smooth! With light caramel flavour.


Go check this small chocolate café out, maybe buy a hot chocolate to go and walk along the Coal Harbour. It will be a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 😀


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