Bella Galeteria

Now it is actually quite funny, because I always avoid going to Bella. Not because how I don’t like their gelato because they truly indeed has the best gelato in town. I just don’t go to avoid the people, but now here I am going there during the Hot Chocolate Fest – which of course is asking for the crowd. 😛 But I was sooo lucky to find a table for three girls! 😀

I got the Black Magic: milk hot chocolate served with a black sesame and matcha gBAR (gelato on a stick/popsicle) on the side. The hot chocolate was piping hot and for you to melt the gBAR in the chocolate to enjoy, it is also serve with a slice (seriously the slice is thin enough to be paper) of banana bread.


On the city food website, it was advertised that we are allow to choose our base of hot chocolate. However I wasn’t asked by the cashier, she simply took my order (I guess they were too busy or sold out of other darkness of chocolate). So I am not quite sure how much percentage of chocolate I got, but I think I got the lowest percentage.


I can many people enjoying this hot chocolate differently. Some melts the whole gBar in the hot chocolate for a light even distributed flavour, some dips and let it melt a little and eats the gBar separately. The gBar is very delicious, strong and rich black sesame flavour (over powering the matcha I would say).


Hot chocolate is nice and hot therefore doesn’t allow the gBar cool down the hot chocolate (because luke warm chocolate doesn’t taste good). I enjoyed this hot chocolate and was actually a little filled with the slice of banana bread and a large cup of hot chocolate.

Bella Gelateria Handcrafted Gelato on Urbanspoon


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